Trump Takes An IQ Test

author WizardPoker   1 years ago

While Forsen is known for having 140IQ, Trump's IQ has always remained a mystery. Since he is the mayor of Value Town, it can be expected that his average IQ is around the same level. Trump took the test and here is the compilation of the results!

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Trump went on OkCupid to find the love of his life. Ofcourse, Twitch chat was invited to help creating an online profile that would attract grills by the thousands. Please enjoy some entertaining moments from Trump's online dating adventure. Watch Trump live at - Watch Trump on YouTube at - Get Blizzard's Overwatch ► Become a Patreon ► WizardPoker Twitter ► WizardPoker Facebook ► Sources: VOD - Outtro vid - Outtro song - Subscribe for more!

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Christopher Langan, considered by many to be the world's smartest man.

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