Batmobile vs The Cloudburst Tank

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Batman vs Arkham Knight

Batman™: Arkham Knight!/en-us/tid=CUSA00133_00

Features The Dark Knight Returns batsuit Batman™: Arkham Knight!/en-us/tid=CUSA00133_00

Background story on how Mr. Freeze became Mr. Freeze and why.

Batman Arkham Knight, PS4 gameplay where Batman has to find Simon Stagg again to get Nimbus Power Cell which is required to repair his Batmobile after damage caused by Cloudburst chemical flood -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Do watch: "Horizon Zero Dawn - Mission The Point of the Spear part 2 Kill the Sawtooth Hinglish/Hindi" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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The episode begins with the murder of Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, while their young son Bruce looks on in horror. That night, Bruce tearfully swears to avenge his parents' death by battling crime. As he grows up, he studies criminology and martial arts, eventually becoming Batman. Batman The Brave and The Bold - Season 2 Episode 11 -"Chill Of The Night" The Spectre and The Phantom Stranger observe Batman as he uncovers the mystery of who killed his parents and travels back in time to team up with his own father. ____Cast____ Zachary Gordon - Young Bruce Wayne Adam West - Thomas Wayne Julie Newmar - Martha Wayne Peter Onorati - Joe Chill Kevin Conroy - Phantom Stranger Mark Hamill - Spectre Diedrich Bader - Batman / Bruce Wayne / Solomon Grundy Jennifer Hale - Zatanna / Poison Ivy Jeff Bennett - Abra Kadabra / Joker / Mobster Lew Moxon / Two-Face ____________ Batman Confronts Joe Chill the Man who Killed his Parents Joe Chill is the man most directly responsible for the creation of Batman. Chill of the Night! is the first Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode to feature Batman fully unmasked as Bruce Wayne This Episode first aired on April 9, (2010) Directed by - Michael Chang Written by - Paul Dini | Bruce Wayne Origin info | Batman A wealthy philanthropist, Thomas Wayne, his wife, Martha, and their 8 year-old son, Bruce Wayne, were coming out of a movie theater at 10:47 p.m. As they stepped onto Park Row (now called Crime Alley), a thug named Joe Chill armed with a gun approached them from the shadows to steal the pearl necklace Martha was wearing. With Bruce watching, Chill shot and killed Thomas Wayne in cold blood when he protected his wife and then Martha as she screamed for help he was said to have said "this'll shut you up" . Bruce, traumatized by the deaths of his parents, would never be the same. Afterward, Bruce was raised by his wise and loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth, and inherited his family's vast fortune as well as his father's company, Wayne Enterprises. Standing at his parents' gravestones, Bruce made a solemn oath to avenge their deaths. Despite fiscal security, happiness eluded Bruce. Young Bruce was comforted by Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who helped him to mourn his parents and find a purpose in life. At age fourteen, Bruce started a twelve year walkabout around the world seeking experts in many fields, training himself mentally and physically. From an academic standpoint, he studied at Cambridge in England, the Sorbonne in France, and other famous European universities. A Frenchman named Henri Ducard taught him man-hunting, a ninja named Kirigi taught him stealth, an African bushman trained him in the art of the hunt, and Nepalese monks taught him healing. Bruce returned to Gotham City, where he became a vigilante. But despite all his honed skills, he knew something was missing. Bruce believed criminals to be a "superstitious and cowardly lot," and in order to rid Gotham of evil, he needed to reinvent himself to become a terrifying symbol that would strike fear in to the hearts of criminals. While in his father's study, a large bat crashed through the window. Bruce saw this as an omen and recalled his fear of bats as a child. This would be his symbol; the Bat would strike terror into the Gotham underworld. Using his vast wealth, Bruce designed a costume and state of the art equipment, thus beginning a difficult double life: By day, he would be the billionaire playboy and businessman, Bruce Wayne and by night, he was The Batman. ___________________________ Batman The Brave and The Bold - Season 2 Episode 11 -"Chill Of The Night" Song: Dark Night (Epic Modern Hybrid Drama) | Luis Alvarez | Fan Made by Billy G. ( Montreal ) Batman's Murderous Darkness ___________________________ Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his billionaire parents as a child, swearing to avenge them. He trained extensively to achieve both mental and physical perfection, mastering detective skills, martial arts, and criminal psychology. Costumed as a bat to prey on criminals' fear and utilizing a high-tech arsenal in his crusade to rid Gotham City of crime, the legendary Batman was born. ► ◄ 1978-08-22


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