Panzer Strategy: The Spanish Civil War [Early Access]

author TheWoodstock   2 weeks ago

Thanks to Pavel Balakin and the rest of the devs for kindly providing me with an early access key!

Panzer Strategy is a turn based wargame inspired by classics like Panzer General, Panzer Corps and Order of Battle. Panzer Strategy feels very similar to these but wants to combine the gameplay with a better graphic compartment, to make the game more accessible and pleasing. So far it looks pretty great!

In this mission I'll be taking over Madrid and help Franco win the Spanish Civil War.

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Panzer Strategy is one of the most realistic WWII wargames ever. Upcoming beta testing! Follow us to get the latest updates:

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A new game series, hurray! Invoking the spirit of Panzer General, Panzer Corps puts us in command of some German army units. We'll see France, Greece, Russia (yay...), and if we play our cards right, America, but first, there is Poland.

Panzer Strategy is a historical wargame on UnrealEngine where like in re­al life you can adapt your units to any objective using equipments and skills. Moreover you can make your tactics even more flexible with skills and abilities of your HQ and the HQ Commander. And all of these combined with UnrealEn­gine with the free camera mode allow you to ch­eck the whole scene fr­om the aerial view or fa­ll deep into act­ion with the close-up fu­nction! The game will be available on Steam via early access on January 18. Follow us to get the latest updates and join the betatest:


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