Call of Duty: Top 10 kills of all time (Best COD Clips Ever) [Part 1]

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The Top 10 Best Call of Duty Kills of all time! (Best COD Kills Ever) [Throwing Knife, Tomahawk & Sniper Clips] [Top 10 Bangers]

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👹 Call of Duty: Top 100 Best Kills of all time (Best COD Kills Ever) [Best Sniper Clips]: 👹



10: Mchapelle

9: TheHitMarkerHeaven

8: Lyriqq™

7: ShowNoMerZeH

6: F34RThEbUlLeT

5: FG Hopeful

4: IxdanzI

3: LikeSoTotallyRandomm

2: ThePancakeHD

1: MrPiPx

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These are the Top 10 best Call of Duty clips of all time. Check out Part 3: ============Click read more for more info============= 10. Clip By: XBlieb Channel: Video: 9. Clip By: RisK G6 Channel: Video: 8. Clip By: ImColinn Channel: Video: 7. Clip By: DarinQ Channel: Video: 6. Clip By: PsyQo_Yas Channel: Video: 5. Clip By: DeeCz Channel: Video: 4. Clip By: iRelent Channel: Video: 3. Clip By: xSyncCinema Channel: Video: 2. Clip By: Oxy TwiZ Channel: Video: 1. Clip By: Saw Rehz Channel: Video: =============Top 10 kills of all time series============== Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: =====================Playlists==========­============= Top 10 kills of all time playlist: Top 10 clips of all time playlist: Top 10 Trickshots of all time playlist: Top 10 Modern Warfare 2 Trickshots playlist: Other Call of Duty clips/Trickshots playlist: =====================Music Info===================== Music: 1. Glude - Breathe [NCS Release] Song link: Glude: 2. Paul Atrocity - We Going On ===============Special Thanks================= ============================================= On this channel i upload montages from Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Black Ops, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and more Call of Duty's.

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