NFS Hot Pursuit: Final Race - Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

author GWTBialy   7 years ago
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Race: Seacrest Tour. Final of NFS Hot Pursuit game.

Maximum details, resolution: 1920x1080.

Final race and ending scene in the PS4 version of Need for Speed: Rivals. Car used was the Lamborghini Veneno. Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video!

Need for Speed Rivals Turbo System Available in 1080p HD Pursuit Tech Turbo System for Racers There is 4 Turbo Levels available to buy In this video Lamborghini Veneno had a Turbo System LVL 4 Enjoy watching - Check my Channel for more! - Join me on Facebook for Awesome Pictures!

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if i got a little money from every viewer from this I'd probably have the money for an AVerMedia and hard disks... Weird crash detection system is weird. Weird hit detection is weird. The only way to be sure you hit someone is if you get a bounty bonus in the top left. Sometimes I think I ought to just wait for everyone else to catch up.

vs Marcus Blackwell


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