Comment battre le ROI LICHE en #LOWCOST | MAGE | ICC | Hearthstone FR

author AuranaTV   1 years ago

Voici un deck #LowCost rush qui permet de battre le Roi Liche dans la couronne de glace.

C'est parti pour la roadmap Lich King en mode Low Cost et je commence par le druide ! Decklist: AAECAZICAA8phAG/Af4BhQP+A4gF4wWaB6QH0AfkCNkKtLsCy7wCAA==

Today I will show you how to defeat the Lich King with all 9 classes without legendaries, epics or wild cards. Using only common and rare cards this will be the ultimate guide on how to kill the Lich King cheaply, including all classes. Especially beating the LK with Warrior without epics or grim patrons was hard. Introducing 9 Budget decks to beat the Lich King with all classes, making you able to get Arthas as free to play. Timestamps and deck codes: Warrior - 1:00 AAECAQcEhgH3BYuvAsfDAg3IBfEF+gz5rAL6rAKFrQKGrQKywQKawgLjwgLmwgLvwgKZxwIA Shaman - 2:00 AAECAaoIAvUF0AcO2wP+A/UE8AeTCaC2AuO7Aq28AtG8Ava9ApHBAp3CArbNAovOAgA= Rogue - 3:00 AAECAaIHAA+0AcUDywPbA/4DxgXjBYgH0Af5Cq28Avq9Ap3CAp/CApriAgA= Paladin - 4:00 AAECAaToAgKzwQKGxAIOxQPbA9wD/gPjBfQFrwfQB/4H2a4CrbwC07wCncIC++ECAA== Hunter - 5:00 AAECAR8ChwTFCA6NAagCtQPeBO0G6wfbCYEKuK0C6rsC570Cn8IChsMCjsMCAA== Druid - 6:00 AAECAZICAvkKoM0CDkBDrwH+AaEC0wKFA5oHpAfkCJ4JtLsCy7wC3b4CAA== Warlock - 7:00 AAECAf0GBDDjBfUF58ECDZMB2wP+A/cEzgfQB9kHsQi0rAL2rgKtvAKdwgKfwgIA Mage - 8:00 AAECAf0EAA9NuwKVA78DqwS0BOYElgW8CPSvAuu6AoS7Ar/BAsbBAu7TAgA= Priest - 9:00 AAECAa0GAA/tAfgC5QT2B/gHpQnRCtIK1wryDPsMoawCtbsC8LsC2MECAA== Credit to /u/LGNebula for the idea of the Warrior deck, truly genius. -- Welcome to ZeroMana! This is a brand new family friendly Hearthstone Channel with both original, high-quality content. I do my best to always have entertaining videos regarding the latest cards, news and events in the Hearthstone Community. Twitter: Twitch: ZeroMana, Zero Mana, 0 Mana, 0Mana

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