How to download Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Learn how to make the Ultimate Creeper Trap for Minecraft If you want to make money while making youtube videos. Learn how to make a semi-automatic melon farm. FAQ: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Why did the enderman sound like zombie? Answer: Enderman's didn't have sound created for them when they were released, so they put a zombie sound temporarily. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Why was the enderman white?(Albino) Answer: Tiny View Distance can create fogs, making them white(albino). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Why did you break that wooden slab with a pickaxe? Answer: Way back then, slabs were classified as rocks. Don't let its physical appearance deceive you, its actually a rock. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Why didn't you kill that spider with your axe or sword? Answer: If you watch the video or even read the comments, I WAS LAGGING! 10 fps rip. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Why didn't you make more videos right after this video got popular? Answer: I wanted to, but my recording software was messed up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: "Why does your video have more views when im building a SpaceShip, Intergalactic hoha labusca etc?"-Minecraft youtubers Answer: I posted this video 3-4 years ago so go figure. This game was really popular and it still is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Will you make more videos? Answer: Yes, every now and then I do post some Minecraft Videos, but I mostly play League of Legends now and other fun games like WITCHER 3 THE WILD HUNT. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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