Let's play détente sur Fallout 2 [Partie 1]

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Michelle, être élue, donc juive, doit absolument sauver son village de la famine, en retrouvant le "Jardin d'Eden en kit ". Non, Fallout 2 n'est pas un DLC de la genèse biblique.

En revanche, j'espère que cette première vidéo vous plaira. N'hésitez pas à témoigner de votre affection ou de votre dégoût dans les commentaires, je vous lirai avec joie, amour et empathie.

Gecko Reactor


First you need to go to Vault 15. When arrived you need to go to the entrance. After that go to level 3 of vault 15 and at the top bottom you see a computer. Use it (you need 50+% science) and you will find Vault 13 next time on your map. Also you can find Darrion in there kill him for a nice 6000 exp. Tip: When arrived at vault 13 make sure that your karma is above 0 so as example. When you have 0 the deathclaw will let you in. When you have -1 he won't let you in:) *How to get in Vault 13 Fallout 2: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=hJNfUMPD1aI *HQ* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w77PiJ6ry_Q&fmt=18

In game movie from Total war: Rome 2 when a slave revolt appears.

In this video the computer will playback the past and you'll see frank horrigan again in Vault 13 doing something. This is the second and last appearance in the game. He appeared in the enclave oil rig,brotherhood of steel office and at a wrong place at the wrong time. Brotherhood of steel office: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXcgroHzLC8


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