The Lion Who Wouldn't Brush His Teeth! By Mike Peele, DDS. Read aloud by Granny B.

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The Lion Who Wouldn't Brush His Teeth!
Written and illustrated by Mike Peele, DDS.
Read aloud by Granny B. (CKToysClub)
There was a lion that would never brush his teeth.
His breath was so bad that other animals almost fainted.
Other animals decided that it was time to tell their King ( the Lion) that he had a big problem.
A little monkey had to tell the King what the problem was.
He was very scared but did what he had to do.
Listen to Granny B.and hear what happened.
This is an awesome story for children who are afraid for the dentist.
It is a picture book with simple text and colorful illustrations.
This book has been written and illustrated by a dentist named Mike Peele.

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When Crocodile visits the dentist, both are fearful of the experience, in a humorous, colorfully illustrated story in which everyone ends up intact and regular dental care is encouraged. The crocodile has a toothache, but he's afraid of going to the dentist. The dentist is afraid of the crocodile. Great way to teach multiple perspectives and writing in first person. Also good for teaching about the fear of going to the dentist. My 4 year old son Max helps me read this book for you – I hope you’ll enjoy his humorous way of reading this book and you will also see a short video of Max having his teeth checked at the dentist’s. You will also see some pictures of this wonderful Japanese writer and illustrator – Taro Gomi. There is also a funny Toothbrush song and Crocodile’s Toothache poem by Shel Silverstein in the end of this video. Enjoy! Like and subscribe! The Crocodile and the Dentist by Taro Gomi. Scholastic. Read Aloud by Little Angel Reader+ Max Please help our family’s dream to come true! We need your support! Umbrella song video (I explain our apartment situation a little bit here, but it’s even more difficult, so we really need your help): Here is the link: PayPal: VISA (bank card): 4276 8540 1176 0658 Wallet BTC 1PMwLv6pQd7Zoo7CLVnhpz2WPqK39tdyht Wallet MyetherWallet0x642f2c1937757d59cf614418475a8312e3A81ECE Wallet Wave 3PCymmmo4BxLkwbmZGEXymt5es4vJNgQFHm **Copyright information** All material is owned by the creators (authors, illustrators, publishers) displayed or mentioned in this video. Reading this storybook was done under the Fair Use of a copyrighted work for entertainment & educational purposes.

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