The Lion Who Wouldn't Brush His Teeth! By Mike Peele, DDS. Read aloud by Granny B.

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The Lion Who Wouldn't Brush His Teeth!
Written and illustrated by Mike Peele, DDS.
Read aloud by Granny B. (CKToysClub)
There was a lion that would never brush his teeth.
His breath was so bad that other animals almost fainted.
Other animals decided that it was time to tell their King ( the Lion) that he had a big problem.
A little monkey had to tell the King what the problem was.
He was very scared but did what he had to do.
Listen to Granny B.and hear what happened.
This is an awesome story for children who are afraid for the dentist.
It is a picture book with simple text and colorful illustrations.
This book has been written and illustrated by a dentist named Mike Peele.

The Berenstains Bears and the BULLY! By Stan and Jan Berenstain. Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister are trying to help Sister who has been bullied. Baby Sister comes home crying. She has bullied by Tuffy, what seems t be a little mean girl. What happens? Listen to Granny B. and see how this story ends.

Phillip has an imaginary friend named Brock.

The Lion Who Wouldn`t Brush His Teeth

I'll teach my dog 100 words. Written by Michael Frith. Illustrated by P.D. Eastman. Granny B. is proud to read this entertaining book to you. This is an Bright and early Book for Beginning Beginners. A cat in the Hat Book. This story is funny and easy to read. The words have a happy rhythm and they rhyme. The colorful pictures are one of a kind. This books looks like a Dr. Seuss Book. We all love Dr. Seuss. In I'll teach my dog 100 words, a child dreams about teaching his dog 100 words. He dreams about being famous and that his dog is super smart. He tells about the hundred words he loves to teach his dog. The dog can do it all. This book has a surprising end. You just have to listen to Granny B. This is a read aloud book by Granny B. Granny B. loves to promote reading and creativity for all children. The funnier the books are the more kids will read. Keep on reading my little friends! And Moms and Dads, please read as much as you can with your children. Time flies and your children will never forget the quality time you spend together.


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