Three Different Super Mystery Boxes on Subway Surfers!

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Playing on the Subway Surfers app! Completing Arabia's Week 2 Weekly Hunt for a Super Mystery Box! Completing Fresh's Wordy Weekend for another Super Mystery Box! Completing the mission set for another Super Mystery! Doing this all in one run and being a BEAST at the same time bruh! Which box will have the better prize!?

More SUBWAY SURFERS Characters & Outfits in playlist - Subway Surfers was released on 24 May 2012 with updates based on seasonal holidays. Since 2 January 2013, updates have been based on a "World Tour" which places the game in a new city every month. Characters: Jake Dino Fresh, including the Funk Outfit and Sport Outfit Spike, including the Rock Outfit and Punk Outfit Tricky, including the Camo Outfit and Heart Outfit Yutanik Special Characters: -Brody, including the Posh Outfit and Chill Outfit - Frank, including the Clown Outfit and Tiger Outfit - Frizzy, including the Rasta Outfit and Gold Outfit - Jake, including the Dark Outfit and Star Outfit - King, including the Count Outfit and Royal Outfit - Lucy, including the Goth Outfit and Steam Outfit - Ninja, including the Yang Outfit and Flame Outfit - Prince K, including the Jag Outfit and Shine Outfit - Tagbot, including the Space Outfit and Toy Outfit - Tasha, including the Cheer Outfit and Gym Outfit - Zoe, including the Curly Outfit and Biker Outfit Limited Edition Characters: - Amira, including the Genie Outfit - Buddy, including the Sunny Outfit and Candy Outfit - Carmen, including the Zombie Outfit and Shake Outfit - Coco, including the Art Outfit and Jester Outfit - Eddy, including the Trick Outfit - Edison, including the Urban Outfit - Elf Tricky - Harumi, including the Meow Outfit and Fury Outfit - Izzy, including the Aloha Outfit and Laki Outfit - Jamie - Jasmine, including the Safari Outfit - Jay, including the Blue Outfit - Kim, including the Dive Outfit - Marco, including the Mask Outfit - Mike, including the Howl Outfit - Mina, including the Robo Outfit and Pop Outfit - Nick, including the Speed Outfit - Nikos, including the Hero Outfit - Noon, including the Pink Outfit - Olivia, including the Skate Outfit - Rex, including the Show Outfit - Roberto, including the Fan Outfit - Rosa, including the Fox Outfit - Sun, including the Spot Outfit - Tony, including the Folk Outfit and Game Outfit - Wayne, including the Chief Outfit and Knight Outfit - Zombie Jake - Zuri, including the City Outfit

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Completing North Pole's Weekly Hunt 1+2 on the Subway Surfers app! Don't forget to rate, comment, share, subscribe or all of the above :). Check out my channel for more Subway Surfer videos!


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