Disney Sand Paris. 150 unbelievable Disney Sandsculptures made by artists.

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150 Giant Disney Sand sculptures made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris.
It is called Disney Sand Paris and it is located in Belgium on the beach of Ostend.
In this video you can enjoy most of the Sand sculptures.
In total there are 150 sand sculptures on an area of more than 107000,000 square feet.
It will take you about an hour to see all the sculptures.
The sculptures are made of just water and sand.
240 trucks with special sand were hauled to accomplish this event.
The sculptures are from 2 meters to 6 meters high.
You can enjoy most Disney characters.
This celebration is from June 24 till September the 10Th.
Around the castle you can enjoy famous Pixar, Marvel and StarWars characters.

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Amazing sand sculpture exhibition on the Ostend beach. Only with sand and water, artists from around the world created beautiful sculptures from famous movie heroes and and music stars. A must-see!


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