First Impression: Fallout 76 (Beta)

author Phillip Wesolowski   2 weeks ago

Hey guys this is a quickie on what I thought of the beta so far and I will have a longer video of the beta ready to go soon. #fallout 76

Here is a complete review of the Fallout 76 settlement building system aka. CAMPs base building and comparison to Fallout 4 build system. Find out if it fits your play style. Thanks for watching, Cordless Overview: Patreon: Discord: Shop:

Bethesda Studios has commented on Fallout 76! Become a Member: Previous Video: Source: Camelworks Gameplay: Subscribe: Patreon: Donate: Second Channel: Twitter: Discord: Facebook: Instagram: Twitch: GreenManGaming: INTOTHEAM 10% OFF**: LootCrate 10% OFF**: **Use Code: APOQSI for 10% OFF! #Bethesda #Fallout76 #FO76

Patreon ► Paypal ► Twitter ► 2 hours before the first window opened for the Fallout 76 PC BETA, the Bethesda launcher broke and forced many, myself included, to re-download the game. Special thanks to our $20 and up Patreon club! Hibiki Jonathon Aidosyne Lord Thomas Jera Skorn Munchman mad1316 Kyle Angelo Jïn Schro Snake Kurt Will Chris JAXMerrick Join the conversation on Discord! Outro music by Kenneth Hynes. Listen to the full song here: and don't forget to drop him a comment telling him I sent you and reminding him of his pure unadulterated awesomeness! SidAlpha Web links: Steam Curator Page ► Submissions email ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Reddit ► Paypal ►

Today we start out finally on PC in Fallout 76 and try to find the fastest way to get enough supplies to make a 2 story base. Who I'm Playing with: Mexsus- Azex- My community discord - Current PVP Playlist - Previous ARK Playlist - PUBG Playlist - The Center Server! - Join here PC Specs- GPU- Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 CPU- Intel i7 7700k RAM-32GB Storage- Intel SSD Music By Epidemic Sound Leave a like and subscribe if you liked the video! No pressure!

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