The Witchwood Bells! Quest Paladin Hearthstone.

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Hello have fun whit this stream. Thanks for watching
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The deck we've all been waiting for... Midrange Paladin! Twitch: Twitter: Deck Code: AAECAZ8FCtwDzwbXBvoGucEC99ACjtMCm/ACxfMC6/cCCowByATjywL40gLW5QLq5gKW6AL27ALL7wKt8gIA Part 2: Part 3: 00:00 Deck Profile 02:45 Tempo Rogue 09:45 Even Hunter

In game footage of the "Shudderwock", an amazing looking Shaman legendary card that repeats Battlecries! "Battlecry: Repeat all other Battlecries from cards you played this game (targets chosen randomly)." Shudderwock is part of the Hearthstone expansion set "The Witchwood". Shudderwock pops out at 04:32. Apologies for the long video length, but I thought the setup and discussion about the card was important! From the Hearthstone: The Witchwood card reveal stream with Ben Brode and Day9. Be sure to subscribe for more fun video game content! Thanks for watching! :D


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