Using the Pentium D in 2017 - Gaming and Video Editing on Intel's First Dual-Core CPU

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The Intel Pentium D, released in 2005, was the world's FIRST dual-core desktop processor. Technically based on two Pentium 4 processors on one die, it was a slow, power hungry, and hot CPU, but can you game, edit video, and use the Pentium D in 2017? Is it obsolete?

We tried to play games on the Pentium D 820, steam video, and browse the web on this old CPU. Watch the video for the results.

Games tested on the Pentium D: Rocket League (2015), Portal 2 (2011), and Far Cry 2 (2008)

Testbench Specs:
CPU: Intel Pentium D 820 2.8 GHz w/ BTX CPU heatsink
RAM: 2 GB DDR2 667
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 3650
HDD: Terabyte Coyote

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- Another day; another insane experiment that you should *not* replicate under any circumstance! I've linked a few parts used in this video down below if you're interested in comparing prices. XLR8 GTX 1080 Ti: Intel Pentium D 830: Fractal Design Node 202: PATREON: TWITCH: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Subscribe to the channel! 'The Awakening' by Aeon 'Track of My Fears' by John Deley and the 41 Players

An exploration of a trashpicked computer from the recycling center, an old Dell Dimension 8300 Pentium 4 PC. We'll be looking inside at the hardware design of Dell computers back in 2003, and why it's important to erase your hard drive when throwing out an old computer. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) CPU: Intel Pentium 4 HT 2.6 GHz (PGA 478) RAM: 512 MB PC3200 (DDR 400) HDD: Western Digital 60 GB @ 7200 RPM (PATA) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 64 MB (AGP 8x) OS: Windows XP Home Edition Music Attribution: Vince Kaichan - Homeland Dreams (

The Intel P4 HT 660 is pretty much useless for modern productivity and gaming. Things take forever to install, you can't game at 1080p, it is inefficient and ready for the garbage (or a retro gaming pc) Thank you for watching, do you have a cool processor or GPU you want me to review? Email me: Parts in this episode: Vivo V10G - Arctic Freezer Esports Cooler: Shopping on Amazon? Use these links and it supports the channel: Enermax 240mm AIO: Vivo V08 Case On My Set: FSP 750W PSU: Thermaltake View 31: My Threadripper Mobo: Ballistix Elite Ram Is AWESOME: My Ryzen 7 CPU and Mobo ASRock AB 350 Pro4: Ryzen 1700 Ryzen 1700x I have a website: I have an Instagram: I have a Twitter: I have a facebook: who cares about facebook... - Intro is Instrumental produced by Chuki, the best beats on youtube! (Other music provided by the Epidemic Sound Library...)

We are building a Pentium 4 Reverse Sleeper. A modern looking computer from the outside, but packed with retro goodness on the inside. We will go over the parts and you can see me put everything together, there some benchmark results and we will play some games to see what this PC can do. Specifications: Bitfenix Nova TG case in white Abit IC7 Socket 478 Motherboard Pentium 4 3.4 GHz Northwood 2GB DDR RAM MSI Nvidia 6800 GT AGP Sound Blaster X-Fi PCI 160 GB WD SATA HDD DVD-RW SATA Windows XP SP3 Support the Channel: Keep in touch: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: ♦ Disclaimer ♦ The case featured in this video was provided to PhilsComputerLab free of charge by the manufacturer for the purpose of reviewing the product. I am under no obligation to provide a favorable review or endorse this product. I have full editorial control and there is no monetary compensation involved.

Pentium D 830 + nVIDIA GTX 950. You're in for a gloriously bottlenecked ride. Tonight on GHGtv, We take Lumbridge- A Dell Dimension 9150 and add a GTX 950 to see if the two can make friends and give us some smooth framerates. Some of the results are surprising, some aren't. We test Left 4 Dead Fallout 3 CS:GO DOTA 2 Skyrim Minecraft So get yourself a beverage and relax. - GHGtv ep38 --


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