Need For Speed The Run: 112HP Hachi-Roku in Final Race vs Marcus (Aston Martin One-77)

author IsuckAtDriving (MSWGR)   10 mounths ago

Using the slowest car in the game for the final race ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tofuboy needed money to fix his 12k RPM AE86, as well as his marriage. Can enough Fujiwara zone or DEJA VU save this unfair race against a 750hp Aston Martin One-77?

Watch in 1080p, 60FPS. Sadly cutscenes are capped at 30FPS.

Eurobeat soundtracks:
1) Runnin in the 90s


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[WMMT5 湾岸5 英語版] Random Car - Random Chapter : SPRINTER TRUENO [AE86] 湾岸ミッドナイト5 ランダムカー、ランダムチャプター スプリンタートレノ (AE86) スピードメーターを集めてみましょう! メーターをキャプチャして画像をセーブしてもOK。 Wikiなどの攻略ページに画像を共有してもOKです。 Let's gather speed meters. You can capture the screenshot of meters, and share it through webpage(Like Wiki) as well. ▶ SPRINTER TRUENO [AE86] Car Information Database ▶ SOARS Facebook page ▶ WMMT5 official website

The Outlaw's Rush is the final mission, Chapter 5 finale and race for Need For Speed Payback. Includes all cutscenes and ending. This mission has 3 races, 2 race spec and 1 off-road spec races using an "almost" fully upgraded 900hp Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 race spec [LV396] and Porsche 911 Carrera RS off-road spec [LV272]. Featuring several drivers and references from Most Wanted 2005, ProStreet and The Run. Played with keyboard and manual transmission. Timeline: 0:06 - Intro cutscene 2:18 - First Race (Evo 9 Race Spec) 8:44 - Second Race & Cutscene (911 Carrera RS Off Road Spec) 15:50 - Final Race vs Lina Navarro's Mclaren P1 (Evo 9 Race Spec) 20:10 - Finish line cutscene and end credits cutscene Here is what the performance look like in a fully upgraded race spec car.

Update video here: Check out my Forza Horizon 3 playlist where I had no issues before the Hot Wheels update. So I have not uploaded any videos recently and thought of posting some sort of update. So after my last video, I reinstalled my WIndows 10, a final desperate attempt to fix this online lobby issue, and it didn't work. Support forums have confirmed that they are "working" on the fix, but who knows whether they can fix this issue. Then I attempted to record some Hot Wheels Goliath run but my game is just crashing every 10 minutes. I kinda snapped and just stop touching this game. Then hit the June 20th patch and it just became worse. The horrible frame rate while recording is back as shown in this video. The crashing every (insert random minutes) issue is still there. But now the input lag is back. I just can't control my car anymore like I used to. It was fixed on June 8th patch and after the June 20th patch, it's back. Then the final straw is, after attempting to record short races like this video, it crashes at the finish line. This video is the "Ultimate Zen" achievement by completing Highspeed Highway Sprint in under 2 minutes with the Zenvo ST1. There are already many guides showing either the stunt swap or the shortcut to get under 2 minutes, but I want to show that it's possible to get this achievement without those. I'm just taking a break until the devs fix this game. It's a shame that my game is working fine before HotWheels update.


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