Batman: Arkham Knight - Azrael's Atonement - Batman Beyond Theme

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Music: Batman Beyond (Main Theme) by Kristopher Carter; Cold vs Hot by Lolita Ritmanis

Music: Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight Theme

See The Batman Beyond Theme from the animated seriesss in Arkham Knight !

This NEW Batman Arkham Knight video covers the BATMAN BEYOND DLC Skin! Plus the compelte back story (Lore) on Terry Mcginnis NEO GOTHAM Batman. Featuring stories from Rebirth, Justice League Epilogue and Futures End from Dc Comics New 52 & Animated Series. If you enjoyed this vid, please give us a thumbs up cause it helps us alot. Batman Arkham Knight Skin Batman Beyond 2039 walkthrough with commentary. This Arkaham Knight BATMAN 2039 Beyond Skin is part of Season Pass atm. This Bat Skin DLC was exclusive to Steam and was known as the Batman of the Future Pack. Batman Arkham Knight FULL Walkthrough - Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood DLC - Batman Arkham Knight Skins - Follow us for more updates!! ● Website - ● My Twitter - ● My Twitch - ● My Facebook - ● My Instagram -

AZRAEL HAS A CHOICE, TO KILL BATMAN OR TO WALK AWAY. (Not The Full Nightfall Protocol) Batman™: Arkham Knight!/en-us/tid=CUSA00133_00

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