Injustice 2 - 534.95% Meterless Bane Combo

author Nugget Nugget   4 mounths ago


Here is a short and sweet video to show some easy to pull off online combos. Combo Openers: Feel The Pain - 1, 1, 3 (Overhead, +2 on block) Solitary Confinement- B2, 3 (Low, -16 on block) Combos: 1,1,3 Raging Charge 1,1,3 Bane Bomb (not shown) B2, 3 - 1,2,3 - Venom Uppercut (launches forward, meter burn for more damage) B2, 3 - 1,2,3 - Ring Slam (does slightly more damage than VU ender without meter and throws enemy behind you) More combo vids coming soon, this is just a quick Bane BnB guide. Check me out on twitch: Injustice 2 guild: SPAWN (55DAA)

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This is a little montage using the Legendary Gear on versus matches. The legendary gear looks sick! But I think the health penalty is too heavy on Bane. So I got the Body Toss and supercharged ability with my gear with more damage. Bane becomes a Glass Canon. With Supercharged we see that Bane is a very weak character without the armor from Venon.

Breaking down the 2 augments of Bane's legendary Gear in detail with commentary!

I hope u will enjoy this battle.


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