Toradora! Opening 1 Live Action [Reupload] [Screw King Records]

author TheDancingTako   11 mounths ago

King Records thought they had me. They actually thought they were going to win the battle to remove this glorious video, but they forgot that nothing dies on the internet. I, Jabari, The King of the Video Edit, have come back full force with a new upload of my Toradora opening. Some thought it was impossible; some told me to quit, but I just turned the other cheek, knowing in the back of my mind that I will find a way to upload this video again. I realized the only way to win this war was to do EVERYTHING myself. Screw the record companies. After I had come to that realization, I sang; sang harder than anyone in this godforsaken world ever had. Priest from around the globe came to my home thinking Jesus had risen from the grave and that my voice was the seven trumpets.

King Records is probably shocked that I have one-uped the corrupt system known as content I.D. TheDancingTako never backs down from a challenge. King Records has lost. We will forever mark this day as the day the King had fallen.

I really didn't want to upload this video because I thought it was really embarrassing, but since I am a saint and a scholar I listen to Bryant and Nick and uploaded it anyway

Another douchebag record company from japan blocking another of my innocent videos. Who was it this time? Freaking Sony! They blocked the naruto video from Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United States. Why those 6 countries in particular? What do they gain from this? Please, someone, explain that to me. With all my videos being blocked, I'm not even sure what to do with the video I'm editing right now. Do I upload and hope for the best; do I sing the song myself and make people want to kill themselves? I remember back when youtube was simple. Before the ridiculous ads forcing you to use Adblock, before the recommendations spamming you with mess you aren't interested in, before the meme videos. Back when you could upload a video and not fear it being BLOCKED WORLDWIDE. You see...I have a dream. A dream that one day us YouTubers will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "Broadcast Yourself" I have a dream that one day on the waves of the world wide web, content creators and their former multi-channel networks will be able to share their AdSense revenue equally and fairly. I have a dream that my videos will one day be uploaded to a website where they will not be judged and taken down by content I.D., but by the content of its theme and visuals. I have a dream today!

Screw King Records. They blocked my Toradora video worldwide again. I didn't notice until now. So, like the other videos, I decided to just sing the song myself. I am sorry for the quality of this trash. If anyone wants to sing these songs themselves, send me a quick email. I'm tired of singing this stuff now. It seems I will have to do this with every new opening now. On the positive, I am now going double time on my edits on the new opening. Prepare for the greatness. I am so close to being done. Trust me. But, it still sucks that my second most viewed video is now gone. Screw King records. Screw that company, screw the CEO, and screw the workers. I hope they fall and go bankrupt so then I can buy the company cheap and personally fire every person who works for that trashcan of a company. If you or anyone you know has an acquaintance who happens to work at King Records, first kick the acquaintance in the balls and then kys for having known them. Disclaimer: If you actually do know a King Records worker, kicking them in the balls is not necessary or suggested to do. Neither is killing oneself for knowing them. However, If you are unlucky enough to know a King records worker, do tell them that they are working for a douchebag company and can do much better than it. Then rip their jugular out. Disclaimer: Ripping jugular is not necessary or recommended. It was a joke.

I know, this is crazy right? You must be thinking, "This can't be right. TheDancingTako never uploads videos. Youtube must be glitched or something." But this is no glitch; this is the real deal. I, Jabari The Greatest Editor of All Time and Space, have finally finished the Nichijou anime opening. I have been working on this since January this year. After 10 months of planning, acting, editing, and procrastinating, I have finally done it. However, I'm kinda scared about rather this video is going to satisfy all the new viewers of my channel. All of you guys have been waiting for ages for another anime opening, and now, after over a year, I have finally made a new one. This anime is so crazy and the opening is no different. The special effects and edits in just the first 10 seconds took so freaking long to do. I honestly can't believe i finished it before december. I'd like to thank my crap computer for not exploding when I was editing all this crap. You are the real mvp. But enough of that, now i must update on the video making situation i am in right now. I have just started college this year, so i'm not sure how often i'll be making videos. Though it won't make any difference anyways since i basically make only one video a year. You might see some new faces in videos now too since i might get some of my dormmates to act in some videos. Oh man, How could I forget. Let me complain like usual about how no one reads descriptions nowadays. Sometimes I cry wondering why no one cares to read my crazy long descriptions. I keep thinking to myself, "one day someone will say they read it," but that day never comes. Maybe I should... just stop making long descriptions, however, the problem with not making long descriptions is that I would have nothing to do while my video uploads. So i guess I will just continue doing what i've always been doing. I really, really hope this doesn't get taken down like the toradora video. I will be so god dang pissed if it does. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I SPENT EDITING THIS VIDEO! HUH, DO YOU! YEAH, I THOUGHT SO! I swear, if this gets taken down. OOOOH! This world can not even comprehend the reckoning that will befall it. So you copyright holders, just go ahead and turn a blind eye at this video. I'm not damaging your brand at all. Don't be like douchebag King Records. No one wants to be on that level of faggetry.


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