Batman Arkham Knight ART FX Statue And Diorama Kit

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This is a video of the Arkham Knight ART FX Statue With Diorama

If you don't go into it thinking it will be a high quality collectors item, this is pretty awesome! Could have been a bit cheaper but hey - that's what clearance is for HA! @tommytoytravels for TWITTER! @tommytoytravels for INSTAGRAM!

While Batman is in New York trying to find answers about the Joker's whereabouts, he runs into some trouble...and it doesn't go unnoticed. If you enjoyed this video, then click the like button, tell a friend, leave a comment, and subscribe! Special thanks to the awesome voice cast! • OrbitalBacon as Batman • RED MASK ANIMATION as Random Thug • Israel Sheahan as Spider-Man • Trickshot726 as Captain America

the orgin of the great red hood is above surface in my new stop motion!!!! ENJOY

2004 Tamiyacon Mastermodeler awarded diorama. This one sits in Tamiya History Museum in Shizuoka Japan Tamiya headquater now. **There is a how to article on my website

This dio was a Christmas gift for my son, Aiden. I also sent Marvel Legends Carnage and Agent Venom along with it. He lives in another state so I had to get it done in time to ship. This is the first dio I have built on a deadline and its amazing how much work goes into these projects. Its more noticeable when you try to knock one out in just over a week. There were 2 nights that I got almost no sleep but I finished with 5 hours to spare. I didn't film the entire process but this video will give you a glimpse into the type of techniques that are involved in making dioramas with Foamular insulation panels available at Home Depot. I hope you like it! by GJL Creative Studios The maker of Spaghetti Webz - Action Figure Weblines Get your Spaghetti Webz - Action Figure Weblines at : Spaghetti Webz Facebook Page: Follow GJL Creative Studios on Facebook: Figure Realm Diorama Portfolio: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Subscribe to these awesome people if you haven't already:


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