Batman Arkham Knight ART FX Statue And Diorama Kit

author Toyaddict26   2 years ago

This is a video of the Arkham Knight ART FX Statue With Diorama

Batman must stop the Penguin and bring him back to Arkham !

In this episode of "Figures In Action": We create a Batman themed alley way diorama for a stop motion channel here on youtube. (Go check them out at ) A special thanks to my girlfriend, Priceless, for the joker mock up on the Harvey Dent billboard.

Surprise!!!!!!! Didn't think you'd see this after weeks of not uploading stop motions. Friends' channel:

If you don't go into it thinking it will be a high quality collectors item, this is pretty awesome! Could have been a bit cheaper but hey - that's what clearance is for HA! @tommytoytravels for TWITTER! @tommytoytravels for INSTAGRAM!

What? Why you down here? Mind your business!


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