Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 (PC) - Part 15 [Blacklist #12]

author edgar38848 (E3)   6 mounths ago

After completing all of race events, pursuit milestones is next in session.

Missions: Pursuit Chase + Milestones

GAME: Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005
CONSOLE: Windows 10 PC Laptop
RECORDER: Bandicam

for donations : wish list/final parts: Instagram: M.A.G Merchandise: Armstrong haulage and armstrong gaming stickers: how to join trucksbook: Trucksbook: for vape stuff check out vape house rushden : Talking about my health and answering questions my setup/cost/how i got into gaming ALMAR SKRS shifter facebook ALMAR SKRS shifter shop ALMAR sifter : SIM LAB P1 simulator ets sound mods: for gaming community facebook group: mark armstrong discord- for setup info check out room tour video: sim rig PC specs: i7 8700k processor 32Gb DDR4 RAM ASUS z370 strix motherboard Corsair 850i psu EVGA FTW3 GTX1080TI graphics 2TB hard drive 3tb hard drive 240GB SSD Corsair AIR 540 case Accessories: SIMLAB P1 simulator SIMLAB monitor stand Fanatec clubsport v1 wheel base Fanatec clubsport BMW rim Fanatec clubsport Hub wheel with OMP rim Fanatec clubsport F1 wheel Fanatec clubsport V2 pedals Fanatec clubsportv1.5 shifter custom button box with twin joysticks 3xsharp 40ich screen1`

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