Insane Asylum Vs. Lady Deathwhisper (25) Heroic First Kill @ Blackhand

author Feuerforst   7 years ago

Nicht schön aber hat funktioniert, nach einigen Abenden tryen lag die Dame dann endlich.

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The Black Hand is the leader of the Black Captains, The Tower and The Hammer. He personally killed Talion's family, both his wife and his son, which caused Talion to seek him out in order to kill him and exact his revenge, in turn weakening Sauron's grip upon Mordor. PayPal Donations: Facebook:

Warmanes heroic realm Lordaeron with buffed hp and dmg content with icc buff being disabled there. Realm first kill.

POV: Landsoul - Warrior Killars - Rogue Qtica - Warlock Koilie - Priest Music: Artist - Track Holly Drummond - Out of My Mind (System Remix) -- -- -- Nutronic - The Ghost -- -- Lana Del Rey - Born to Die (Gemini Remix) -- -- Neutralize (Featuring Emily Underhill) - Shining Through the Light (Culture Code Remix) -- -- -- -- Krewella - Killin' It -- -- Swedish House Mafia - Save the World (Cazzette Remix) -- -- Editing: Kinaesthesia Muru 2.0? Not quite, but close! A very well tuned and fun fight that is extremely demanding on each player in the raid. This fight was a good eyeopener for us on which of our members can and cannot handle strict raid mechanics. According to wowprogress, we killed it on "Feb 10, 2010 04:15" and obtained a world second rank after 5+ hours of attempts. Enjoy. Music : Richard Grey - Warped Bass (Sharam Jey Blingy Remix) Anthony Dean and Starlet - Euphoria (Icone Remix) Rate, comment, and subscribe!


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