Arkham Origins-Mr Freeze Story

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Background story on how Mr. Freeze became Mr. Freeze and why.

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The Mad Hatter has kidnapped "Alice". Find him before he hurts her. Batman Arkham Origins Batman Arkham Origins The Mad Hatter Batman Arkham Origins Mad Hatter Batman Arkham Origins Wonderland Batman Arkham Origins Capture The Mad Hatter Batman Arkham Origins Capturing The Mad Hatter

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While Batman is in New York trying to find answers about the Joker's whereabouts, he runs into some trouble...and it doesn't go unnoticed. If you enjoyed this video, then click the like button, tell a friend, leave a comment, and subscribe! Special thanks to the awesome voice cast! • OrbitalBacon as Batman • RED MASK ANIMATION as Random Thug • Israel Sheahan as Spider-Man • Trickshot726 as Captain America

This video shows you how to get over the walls of Arkham City and explore the rest of Gotham. Click "Show more" for answers to questions... * If you continuously throw freeze grenades while standing on certain ledges or signs, Batman will start to rise in the air. * If you get high enough, you can get over the prison walls and fly to anywhere in Gotham. * You can't mess up your save file or break the game using this glitch. It will always reload back to normal. * You CANNOT land on or interact with buildings anywhere in the city and you can't use the grappling hook, so you can only glide once. * You CANNOT land on the ground anywhere in Gotham or inside the prison. (Unless you start from Wonder Tower, then you can land in Amusement Mile.) * You CAN go to the Arkham Asylum island (see 6:12 in the video) but you can't land on it. * Buildings inside the prison appear in low-res mode and you fly through them. This effect is temporary. * You can keep gliding for a long time, under the city. To end the session, fall down and you will eventually die. The game will reload the last save and everything will be back to normal. * If you land in the water, sometimes you'll grapple to a building and the game will be back to normal. * If you have the PC version of the game, you can map a keyboard key to the freeze grenades to make it easier. ------------------------------- Batman: Arkham City is the property of Rocksteady and Warner Bros.


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