Return To The Horrifying Winchester Mansion

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We return to the scene of one of our earliest investigations.

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Mauritius, Central Mauritius, Eureka Creole Mansion built in the 1830s, child's crib
Walter Bibikow/Getty Images
North America, United States, 1855, Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Collection Districts. Senate Ex. Doc. No. Drawn By David H. Burr Draftsman U.s, Senate. Ackerman Lith. Broadway N.y., Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Coll
Historic Map Works LLC and Osher Map Library/Getty Images
Eric Lowenbach/Getty Images
Harry Houdini
Apic/RETIRED/Getty Images
Architectural plan of the modern house
-Vladimir-/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images
an old fashioned rifle
Stockbyte/Getty Images
Publicity Portrait Of Annie Oakley & Texas Bill
American Stock Archive/Getty Images
Buffalo Bill
MPI/Getty Images

insert Key and lock up
mennovandijk/Getty Images
Man pushing wheelbarrow with gardening supplies on path in formal garden / Saint-Ferme, France
Ghislain and Marie David de Lossy/Getty Images

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This deadly bank robbery was just the beginning. Created by MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks ( Licensed via Audio Network STILLS Duct Tape XXL smartstock/Getty Images Finger Print Distressed ScottTalent/Getty Images vintage map of the world 1831 javarman3/Getty Images Vintage light bulbs choness/Getty Images XXXL dark concrete sbayram/Getty Images Device Used In Pizza Delivery Man Explosion Getty Images / Handout/Getty Images Teamsters Union President Jimmy Hoffa Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Gold coins in a chest Hemant Mehta/Getty Images Alcatraz Island Daniel Osterkamp/Getty Images Full Frame Shot Of Rusty Metal Watcharapong Thawornwichian / EyeEm/Getty Images Real caucasian adult man portrait Joan Vicent Cantó Roig/Getty Images USA, Idaho, mature couple wading in Salmon River, smiling, portrait Steve Bly/Getty Images Man on the phone David De Lossy/Getty Images Police officer presenting evidence KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images Businessman Waiting In Interrogation Room DAJ/Getty Images Broken man in interrogation room KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images American Presidential Symbol in8finity/Getty Images Set of various paint splatters itchySan/Getty Images Silhouette of Shotgun | hunting rifle Zeynurbaba/Getty Images Vector man and woman driver license plastic card template Alexandr Dubovitskiy/Getty Images white paper napkin Magone/Getty Images Map of Lake Erie in North USA omersukrugoksu/Getty Images drugs in the form of crystals on a black background Sanny11/Getty Images Angry Mature Woman drbimages/Getty Images Senior man looking at camera Science Photo Library/Getty Images Serious female attorney with paperwork talking at podium in legal trial courtroom Hero Images/Getty Images Personal perspective attorneys talking to judge at bench in legal trial courtroom Hero Images/Getty Images THC0024296 Thinkstock/Getty Images Close-Up Of Woman Indoors Wang Lunyi / EyeEm/Getty Images Female attorney and expert witness discussing evidence in legal trial courtroom Hero Images/Getty Images Wrong way sign Chip Simons/Getty Images Mugshot of a Woman RichLegg/Getty Images drug dealer selling portions of heroine Luka Lajst/Getty Images Male engineer working at laptop at workbench in workshop Hero Images/Getty Images Mature man with long greying hair and beard Ian Ross Pettigrew/Getty Images Portrait confident | serious male attorney in courthouse corridor Hero Images/Getty Images Young woman sitting on a bench looking down at night Carlos Ciudad Photos/Getty Images Human brain | illustration VENTRIS / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/Getty Images Hanging tree AdrianHillman/Getty Images Man Alex Tihonov/Getty Images Domestic kitchen burnt in fire Michael Blann/Getty Images man wearing chemical protection suit jaroon/Getty Images Jurors in the jury box Image Source/Getty Images Scrap metal and iron # 29 XXXL Lya_Cattel/Getty Images Full Frame Shot Of Scrap Metal At Junkyard Robert Coy / EyeEm/Getty Images Gears Joseph Clark/Getty Images Abandoned house | full of garbage fhm/Getty Images Cornmeal Crisp Cookies Alexandra Grablewski/Getty Images Rolled up newspaper vofpalabra/Getty Images Man in shop Image Source/Getty Images Close-Up Of Telephone Receiver Hanging Roberto Pangiarella / EyeEm/Getty Images slice of bread in open drawer VvoeVale/Getty Images microphone at court house aerogondo/Getty Images Deep Freezer (isolated with clipping path over white background) JazzIRT/Getty Images Man Sleeping On Bed At Home Vicente Andino / EyeEm/Getty Images Gun Shooting Silhouettes adroach/Getty Images Close up of senior businesswoman thinking while looking up Ranta Images/Getty Images Messy storage room in garage for junk in old house tampatra/Getty Images Portrait Of Senior Man Against White Background Markus Gann / Eyeem/Getty Images Old telephone User2547783c_812/Getty Images Man looking through blinds fotostorm/Getty Images Woman texting from mobile phone IAN HOOTON/SPL/Getty Images White Envelope on White Background MirageC/Getty Images People in various action and walking 4x6/Getty Images Houses Set artvea/Getty Images Mature Man Portrait drbimages/Getty Images Footprints remaining on the ground of the earth c11yg/Getty Images Empty straight dirt road | Kruger National Park | Mpumalanga | South Africa chrisvankan/Getty Images Close-Up Of Shoe Print On Wet Rock Ryo Takase / EyeEm/Getty Images Full Frame Shot Of Dirt Road Serge Vuillermoz / EyeEm/Getty Images Trees Against White Background Prasert Taosiri / EyeEm/Getty Images Heavy Communication Tower A-Digit/Getty Images Close-Up Portrait Of Cat Against White Background Massimiliano Clari / EyeEm/Getty Images Flat Tire - Remove Hubcap lisafx/Getty Images Pizza Man & Thermal Bag lisafx/Getty Images Close up of man reading newspaper in living room David Lees/Getty Images Woman reading newspaper Hill Creek Pictures/Getty Images Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich LauriPatterson/Getty Images Portrait of smi

We tackle one of the most gruesome serial killers of all time. Unsolved has new merch! Check it out here: Watch on Amazon Instant Video: Watch on Hulu: Check out our BuzzFeed Original Series channel on Roku: BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! GET MORE BUZZFEED: BuzzFeedBlue Sports, video games, Unsolved & more epic daily videos! MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks ( STILLS 1930's Neoclassical Style Sandstone Building, Landmark Drury Plaza Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio, USA "Douglas Sacha"/Getty Images Interior Of Abandoned Asylum At Laveno-Mombello Giorgio Palmas / EyeEm/Getty Images Judge holding gavel in courtroom "Chris Ryan"/Getty Images Civil War Doctor Amputating a Hand "WilliamSherman"/Getty Images Doctor with note-pad "George Marks"/Getty Images Close-Up Of Gravestone In Cemetery In Berlin "Adam Kuylenstierna / EyeEm"/Getty Images Hanging tree "AdrianHillman"/Getty Images Undefined text french. Handwritten letter. Handwriting "LiliGraphie"/Getty Images Male hands cuffed signing confession, top view "stevanovicigor"/Getty Images Interrogation AZemdega/Getty Images 1940s SMILING MAN SITTING H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images Demolition Area Albert McCabe / Stringe/Getty Images Homeless People "Afro Newspaper/Gad"/Getty Images Hooverville in Croton Reservoir "Bettmann"/Getty Images Police men "grynold"/Getty Images Policeman Making A Point "Camerique"/Getty Images Black African American Firefighter From 1940 to 1960, Fire Truck. "RyersonClark"/Getty Images Ergonomic Design For Injury "A-Digit"/Getty Images Girl Looking Through Window At Home "Helena Tegenfeldt / EyeEm"/Getty Images Policemen frisk eight of 20 youths involved in gang fight at "New York Daily News Archive "/Getty Images Harry Gross "Allan Grant / Contributor"/Getty Images Medical supplies at the Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus. Including vitamin extracts, milk of magnesia and liver extract. "ALFRED EISENSTAEDT"/Getty Images Bolder Bridge "Fox Photos"/Getty Images USA,New York,New York City,Preacher at lectern "SuperStock"/Getty Images Portrait of a Retro Themed Private Investigator "JasonDoiy"/Getty Images Antique black and white photo of 1940 film noir gangster wearing suit and hat. "ysbrandcosijn"/Getty Images Eliot Ness Bettmann/Getty Images Bodies From Valentine's Day Massacre "Chicago History Museum / Contributor"/Getty Images Jesse Owens Returning After The Olympic Games, In 1936 Keystone-France / Contributor/Getty Images The Boston Globe Front Page: July 19, 1998 "Keystone-France / Contributor"/Getty Images Ermenon village: Crash Dc10 Turkish Airlines In Ermenon village Michel ARTAULT / Contributor/Getty Images MAY 15 1973, MAY 17 1973; "tvirbickis"/Getty Images Farmers Market David Cupp / Contributor/Getty Images Peaceful Afternoon "A-Digit"/Getty Images Portraits "Holloway"/Getty Images Male silhouettes posing "nale"/Getty Images Dead body floating in river Ganges in Varanasi, In ""/Getty Images map of the U.S. state Ohio "Titova Elena"/Getty Images Slums In Baltimore Getty Images / Stringer/Getty Images Shantytown During Depression "Transcendental Graphics / Contributor"/Getty Images Crumpled jeans on a pair of shoes "Halfdark"/Getty Images Military Tanks in Front of Building "Bettmann / Contributor"/Getty I EXTERNAL CREDITS Gustavo Rosa - GFX Artist

Do not f*ck with Julius Caesar. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! GET MORE BUZZFEED: BuzzFeedBlue Sports, video games, Unsolved & more epic daily videos! Credits: MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network STILLS Model of the battle of Alesia Leemage / Contributor/Getty Images Platoon of Soldiers formed into a testudo (tortoise), used as protection, head and shoulders covered with their shields allowing safer advance Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images Ladder Leaning on Wall CSA Images/Getty Images Halloween blood eyeball lekkyjustdoit/Getty Images 80s Retro Futurism style Font. Vector Brush Stroke Alphabet PerfectVectors/Getty Images Shiny Chrome Alphabet in 80s Retro Futurism style PerfectVectors/Getty Images Breakdancer Silhouettes filo/Getty Images Spotlight Ryan McVay/Getty Images Set of various paint splatters itchySan/Getty Images Monster attack CSA Images/Mod Art Collection/Getty Images Moses leading the exodus of Israelites from Egypt whitemay/Getty Images Siege of a fortified city in the past, published 1886 ZU_09/Getty Images Temple construction on the Aventine in Ancient Rome Nastasic/Getty Images Towers and walls of Carrarese Castle, Este, Veneto, Italy Dea / Galleria Garisenda/Getty Images Panoramic view of Castle of Lucera, Apulia, Italy Dea / Galleria Garisenda/Getty Images Jacques Marie Gaston Onfray de Breville, known as JOB (1858-1931) Christophel Fine Art / Contributor/Getty Images Defensive Walls of Greece and Rome Engraving bauhaus1000/Getty Images Defensive Gates and Walls of Ancient Times Engraving bauhaus1000/Getty Images Bohemond alone mounts the ramparts of Antioch duncan1890/Getty Images Roman soldier, Aequian soldier, Gauls soldier, Samnite soldier, drawing, Italy, 7th-4th century BC De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images Ancient Rome - Slave Revolt at Enna duncan1890/Getty Images The conquest of Gaul by the Romans. Corbis Historical/Getty Images Julius Caesar receiving tribute whitemay/Getty Images Vercingetorix imprisoned in the Tullianum in Rome, c52-46 BC (1882-1884). Hulton Archive/Getty Images Vercingetorix. Vercingetorix c. 72-46 BC leader of the Gauls. Chromolithography 19th century Leemage/Getty Images Vercingetorix. Portrait of Vercingetorix 72-46 BC, Leader of Gauls. Chromolithography ca. 1890. Leemage/Getty Images Vercingetorix (72-46 avJC) gallic leader, surrending to roman emperor Cesar in Alesia (France), illustration by Job, 1930 Hulton Archive/Getty Images Ancient History - Alexander and the body of Darius. duncan1890/Getty Images Spartan warrior 4x6/Getty Images Map of Galia 1818 THEPALMER/Getty Images Antique Map of Gaul duncan1890/Getty Images View of Kalat, Pakistan, Second Anglo-Afghan War, illustration from magazine the Graphic, volume XVIII, no 472, December 14, 1878 De Agostini / Biblioteca Ambrosiana/Getty Images lake with birds grkatz/Getty Images Mont Auxois and the statue of Vercingetorix, France, 1879. Print Collector / Contributor/Getty Images Horsemen Silhouettes (vector) KateLeigh/Getty Images Viking tattoo, bearded barbarian of Scandinavia, crossed swords, god Odin. Symbol of force, courage. Scandinavian mythology, viking art print t-shirt design intueri/Getty Images Gauls, 1882 Heritage Images / Contributor/Getty Images Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, 9 AD, lithograph, published 1890 ZU_09/Getty Images Julius Caesar laying siege to Alesia, Gaul, 52 BC (1882-1884). Print Collector / Contributor/Getty Images Equestrian portrait of Julius Caesar (101 BC-44 BC), Roman general, consul, politician and writer, from drawing by Henri de Montaut (ca 1825-1890 or 1897), Il Giornale Illustrato, Year 2, No 14, April 8-14, 1865 De Agostini / Veneranda Biblioteca Ambr

Season finale. The unexplained death of a president Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! GET MORE BUZZFEED: BuzzFeedBlue Sports, video games, Unsolved & more epic daily videos! Credits: MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks ( Licensed via Audio Network STILLS Group of multi-ethnic business people Rawpixel/Getty Images Old paper sheets, vintage photo frames and corners, open book LiliGraphie/Getty Images Bloodstain Set zizar2002/Getty Images Kennedy Assassination Art Rickerby / Contributor/Getty Images Two Business Men Walking and Talking Silhouette JakeOlimb/Getty Images Poland Eye Ubiquitous / Contributor/Getty Images Jack Ruby and Dancers Outside the Carousel Club Corbis Historical/Getty Images Magazine or newspaper printing. nik3d/Getty Images Close up of older Caucasian man Sam Diephuis/Getty Images It suits him to be successful Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images Stars and Stripes Joseph Clark/Getty Images Mexico City Skyline (Complete, Detailed, Moveable Buildings) Leontura/Getty Images Grungy Flags of Soviet Union and USA Klubovy/Getty Images Male Portrait drbimages/Getty Images Top Secret DNY59/Getty Images High quality animation open and close isolate umbrella with mask GoldenMike/Getty Images 1963: JOHN F. KENNEDY ASSASSINATION: DALLAS, TEXAS: QUESTIONABLE QUALITY: VS Motorcade w/ Presidential limousine w/ J.F.K. & others, shots fired (dramatized), secret service agent Clint Hill leaping onto limousine speeding away onto highway, signs. The March of Time/Getty Images close up gun with bullets on black background wombatzaa/Getty Images Man With Umbrella Vectorig/Getty Images Official Portrait of John F. Kennedy Bachrach / Contributor/Getty Images businessman with umbrella looking over city David Malan/Getty Images Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain Celebrating His 70th Birthday... Keystone-France / Contributor/Getty Images Portrait Of Senior Man Standing Against Wall Bernard Van Berg / EyeEm/Getty Images Seal in lobby at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, USA Danita Delimont/Getty Images Allen Dulles PhotoQuest / Contributor/Getty Images Judith Campbell Exner at Press Conf Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Male worker opening wooden whisky cask in whisky distillery Leon Harris/Getty Images Joseph Kennedy New York Times Co. / Contributor/Getty Images Sam Giancana Arriving in Court Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images files in a archive Nikada/Getty Images Audio Waveform Mono Blue TheRadarLab/Getty Images Silhouette Men Wearing Suits And Hats Joseph Golby / EyeEm/Getty Images Wealthy Criminal Sitting in an Armchair Between two Bodyguards Digital Vision./Getty Images Oswald's Rifle Central Press / Stringer/Getty Images Man in suit sitting at desk, two men standing behind him, portrait Simon Battensby/Getty Images Mobster Pointing Gun powerofforever/Getty Images Lee Harvey Oswald And Friends Fotosearch / Stringer/Getty Images President Johnson Working In White House Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Crime Scene Markers BlakeDavidTaylor/Getty Images Whispering into her ear sbayram/Getty Images Richard Nixon Hulton Archive / Stringer/Getty Images J Edgar Hoover MPI / Stringer/Getty Images Portrait Of RFK PhotoQuest / Contributor/Getty Images Acting AG Bork Speaks To Press David Hume Kennerly / Contributor/Getty Images Lyndon B. Johnson Ed Clark / Contributor/Getty Images USA Map Of All Fifty States RobinOlimb/Getty Images Fidel Castro at May Day Parade Sven Creutzmann/Mambo Photo / Contributor/Getty Images House Select Committee on Assassinations The Washington Post / Contributor/Getty Images Selma to Montgomery Alabama March Stephen F. Somerstein / Contributor/Getty Images Law and J


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