How NOT to Build in Minecraft (Common Building Mistakes)

author Grian   1 years ago

How NOT to Build in Minecraft (Common Building Mistakes)

So here i have compiled a bunch of common mistakes i've seen people do with minecraft building. Hopefully these will help you if you are struggling!

Let me know what you think of the new style too!

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Remaking My First Minecraft House 6 Years Later. My first minecraft house wasn't the best house in the world. But it was the first minecraft build I ever made - so it was important. It was the start of my journey, so I decided to rebuild it in the standards I use today. Who knows, maybe in 6 years time i'll remake this one! I use the Replay Mod for most of my videos, please support the developers: Official GRIAN Store: Follow me! - Twitter: - Facebook: - Twitch: - Instagram: -Powered by Chillblast:

How To Go From Building NOOB To PRO in Minecraft. This is how to build in minecraft and improve in building in general. This is my minecraft tricks and tips to minecraft building. They are my opinion and suggestions, minecraft is a creative game and you can build how you like, you can take my suggestions or not theres no right or wrong! Official GRIAN Store: Follow me! - Twitter: - Facebook: - Twitch: - Instagram: -Powered by Chillblast:

Hey guys I put together as many minecraft furniture interior decorations as I could and have used throughout my building career. I probably forgot a bunch, but here are over 50 of them. I used a variety of scale and design for each segment. I cover chairs, tables, storage and beds. If you have any that you came up with be sure to tweet them at me so I can learn from you just as much as you learn from me! :) Chances as you have seen all of these or none of these designs! I don't really mind, I simply hope that these will spark some form of creative spark in you and hopefully you see something that will fit in your own minecraft house. Thank you to the wynncraft build team for some of their ideas too. Follow me! - Twitter: - Facebook: - Twitch: - Instagram:

Whether you play Minecraft or not, its a platform full of epic builds and creations we can all marvel at. Thanks to an array of master minecraft builders, creations including houses, cities and statues have been made. We're sure you'll be amazed at the minecraft build ideas that have made it into our top 10. These minecraft works of art include westeroscraft and a statue of king kong! Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ►◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Featuring: The Tower of Babel - There are many incarnations of the tower in Minecraft, but the minute details put into this circular structure make it one of the greatest. Each of the 7 million blocks and 90,000 lights come together perfectly to creature this unique, modern take. Credit: Working Cell Phone - Working closely with Verizon Wireless and using Minecraft’s assortment of blocks and Boxel, a web application that translates video and web pages to blocks, YouTuber CaptainSparklez brought the first working cell phone to the world of Minecraft. Credit: Babylonian City - Built by a team of player SwiftSampson and his girlfriend , this throwback to the Babylonian empire is rife with incredible details, such as the specks of color in the pillars to give the sandstone structures a little vibrancy. Nooks and crannies hide scattered plant life while every city light is purposefully placed to bring the metropolis to life come nightfall. Flanked by a nearby tower, the beauty and intricacies of the Babylonian call-back can either be viewed and admired from above or within the carved out streets. Credit: Minas Tirith - The Lord of the Rings is not without its unforgettable set pieces, among them the mountainside city of Middle-earth, Minas Tirith. The brains behind the beautiful rendering of the White City is “Legendary Creator” EpicQuestz. Almost a full year of work was put into bringing this J. R. R. Tolkien creation to life and features hundreds of unique buildings with customized interiors. Credit: Giza Necropolis - It’s not an incredibly colorful slab of blocks to explore, but the completed look of the Giza Necropolis is impossible to ignore. From the imposing Sphynx to the towering Great Pyramid of Giza, this project, finished by Robbiemar in just around 2 days, is a great recreation of what the Giza complex would have looked like before years upon years of wear and tear took a toll. Credit: King Kong vs. V-Rex Statue - Not every worthwhile creation in Minecraft has to be some in-depth city. In fact, it can even be something less interactive, like a monument to one of cinema’s greatest square-offs. This incredible statue plays highly detailed tribute to the colossal battle between the mighty King Kong and V-Rex . Credit: Imperial City - When you think of things built in Minecraft to impressive scale, one of the first creations that should come to mind is Rigolo and Comeon’s Imperial City. Credit: 1940’s New York - As you roam the streets of this modern, Minecraft take on 1940’s New York, you may start to feel like you’ve time traveled right into the heart of the city. Okay, so maybe the blocky look will bring you back to reality, but The Manhattan Project, helmed by C_B_John, is an inspired, 1:1 replica of the city as it stood during the 1940’s. Credit: WesterosCraft - Whether you watch the TV show or enjoy the books, WesterosCraft is the perfect marriage of Game of Thrones and Minecraft. The lands of WesterosCraft bring to blocky life George R.R. Martins’ visions of kingdoms and castles like The Iron Islands, The Crownlands, The Vale, Dorne, The Riverlands, and the Stark home of Winterfell. Credit: The Entire Country of Denmark - In some countries, Minecraft is used as a form of education, and one country, Denmark, took this concept to a whole new level when the members of the Danish Geodata Agency Geodatastyrelsen created a 1:1 scale of the entire country. Credit: Music Credit: The Big Beat 80’s – Kevin Macleod & Syrinx

LEGO VS MINECRAFT - Which Can I Build Faster? Today I'm racing lego against minecraft to see if i which i can make a minecraft house faster in. I used to love lego as a kid, and now minecraft as an adult. I guess I never really grew up. Who do YOU think will win? Guess before you start watching! I use the Replay Mod for most of my videos, please support the developers: Follow me! - Twitter: - Facebook: - Twitch: - Instagram: -Powered by Chillblast:


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