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Disguised Toast, plays a normal Quest Hunter game as usual. Until Chameleos decided to make an appearance!

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Disguised Toast, faces off against a Dude Paladin and Spell Hunter and both games go to fatigue! Subscribe to Disguised Toast 2: Edited by:

Disguised Toast uses King Togwaggle to steal his Opponent's deck ,and never gives him a chance to take it back! Subscribe to Disguised Toast 2: Edited by:

The Monsterhunt Master is here. Prepare for greatness! ►Watch live at ►Follow me on Twitter: ►Like me on Facebook -------------------------------- Outro Song: Music: TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm)

Disguised Toast First Dungeon Run as Mage! All bosses defeated! Subscribe! New hearthstone videos every day! My other channel: Disguised Toast on twich - Disguised Toast on on YouTube -

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