Hearthstone: Finally pulling out the real Kingsbane Mill Rogue

author StrifeCro   3 mounths ago

I had a long time where I didn't want to play coldlight oracles but after playing versus it a couple of times even with faster decks, I realized that coldlight oracle sometimes even helps versus faster decks due to the asymmetrical nature of this deck. I finally decided to give this deck a serious go this season and I've had some pretty good results so far.


Leeching Poison makes for some crazy potential comebacks because of how backloaded it is. The power in the card lies in both inevitability and how strong it makes each extra late game turn making even huge comebacks become easy as long as you can get there. I feel like a lot of the skill in the deck comes from being able to navigate this concept along with coldlight oracles in the late game. http://twitch.tv/strifecro http://twitter.com/strifecro

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Hey guys, I really liked Stancifka's control mage list so far. Mage vs Cube/Control lock is still a hard matchup, but this deck definitely has some game in the matchup. Key things are to polymorph Doomguards or Voidlords, get an early Jaina up and to make as many water elementals as possible. The addition of cabalist tomes can allow you to get lucky and even get additional polymorph effects. http://twitch.tv/strifecro http://twitter.com/strifecro

I've toyed around with a lot of different Kingsbane lists that aren't the coldlight oracle shadowstep mill list and this is one of the initial lists that sometimes worked out decent for me. This one in particular did pretty good versus priest and plays out kind of like a midrange tempo deck. http://twitch.tv/strifecro http://twitter.com/strifecro


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