NFS Most Wanted - What Happens If You Select Too Low or High Values in Performance Tuning?

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▶ Hey all! Performance Tuning Machine 🅱roke!


▶ How to reproduce? ◀
1) Download Cheat Engine:
2) Install it on your computer.
3) Get the Cheat Table:
(Click "Raw" and save the page with .ct extension (All Files).)
4) Open the cheat table you downloaded. There's a few methods to do it:
4a) Double Click the cheat table.
4b) Click File 🔻 Load (Ctrl+O) and select the cheat table you downloaded.
4c) Click the 📂 folder icon at upper left portion of the window and select the cheat table you downloaded.
5) Edit the values as you want.
6) Enjoy!


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You read the title right! July 4th 2013 this mod was uploaded to by "ArturoPlayerOne". Info forgotten to be included in video: Mod Loader IS required!! AI cars can NOT be reset at any costs or in any way. If you flip over and stay flipped, you must jump to the safe house, or if in a pursuit, you will get busted if cops are nearby. Also as an added bonus, traffic and police cars can all run over spike strips now! No more "invincible" tires! Although the graphical effect is the only thing that happens, they can still drive normally... Helicopter was NOT changed, it is still only "awkwardly" drivable with the Copter Mover. Links: NFSMW Mod Loader Police Lights Trainer V2: 100 Cars Save Game: AI Vehicles Patch: Sergeant Cross' C6 Intro Vinyl Mod: NFSMW Control Panel V 2.00 (You can change your MW to Black Edition with this): Black Edition Patch 1.3: If any links are broken, be sure to inform me and I shall update them. P.S. - The irony is that this AI Vehicles Patch was uploaded on July 4th 2013! Way to celebrate America's birthday huh? :D

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Decided to upload something else today. This is the nfsmw mod I downloaded. It allows your heat go all the way up to 10. When I got to heat 9 the game crashed also. I lost 20 million bounty and almost 300 immobilzed vehicles. Managed to get back to heat 9 again though and then beat heat 10 as well. I was working very hard on this film, has to be worth a like at least. Thanks for subscribing and liking my videos. SuperGamer

Don't even care about that time loss towards the end. I think i can leave this game alone now. Maybe go on to Second Son any% like i wanted too.

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