NFS Most Wanted - What Happens If You Select Too Low or High Values in Performance Tuning?

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▶ Hey all! Performance Tuning Machine 🅱roke!


▶ How to reproduce? ◀
1) Download Cheat Engine:
2) Install it on your computer.
3) Get the Cheat Table:
(Click "Raw" and save the page with .ct extension (All Files).)
4) Open the cheat table you downloaded. There's a few methods to do it:
4a) Double Click the cheat table.
4b) Click File 🔻 Load (Ctrl+O) and select the cheat table you downloaded.
4c) Click the 📂 folder icon at upper left portion of the window and select the cheat table you downloaded.
5) Edit the values as you want.
6) Enjoy!


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Hey all! Cherry will tell you 4 NFSMW Life Hacks you probably know about. ---------------------------------------- 1🔹 Razor's Shortcut If you're struggling to beat Razor's 3rd race, you can use a shortcut. Race until 60% of the race. When you're at the place you see on the screen, turn around and go beyond the barrier. Now go where Cherry goes. When you see the barrier, go through it and continue driving. 2🔹 Better Top Speed Some cars get their top speed limited when you install any transmission parts. Get a Viper, go to the performance shop. Install everything except transmission. Now you will get a better top speed, but it will be harder to accelerate. 3🔹 Blind Cops There are some places where cops can't see you. One of them is Bus Station, many people know about that. There is also another one, which is at the theatre in Little Italy. You need to drive to the higher floor beyond the theatre. Now just watch cops while cruising around stupidly. 4🔹 Outside Of The World In Naval Shipyard, there is a bugged garage door. Get your car there, look back and drive through that door. You'll find yourself inside the garage. Now just drive anywhere you like. But be careful, on most places, you can still crash to walls. ---------------------------------------- ▶ Thanks To ◀ 🔹 KuruHS 🔹 MWinside 🔹 hockeyguy731 🔹 Dillano609

Hey all, another "what happens if" video. Thank you all for your UNBELIEVABLE INTEREST in this series! ---------------------------------- How to reproduce? 1) Download NFS-VltEd v4.5: 2) Extract it anywhere. 3) Get the modscript: (Click "Raw" and save the page with .nfsms extension (All Files).) 4) Open NFS-VltEd v4.5. 5) Click File 🔻 Open (Ctrl+O) and select your game installation directory. 6) Click File 🔻 Import ▶ ModScript (Ctrl+I) and select the .nfsms file you downloaded in step 3. 7) Click File 🔻 Save. (Ctrl+S) 8) Start the game with a new career and enjoy! ---------------------------------- ▶ Thank you all for increasing my sub count really fast! So, I decided to ditch my 5K subs special and make a 10K one instead!

I put together ten funny badass car commercials that are kind of macho, yet funny. I hope you enjoy them as I did. Tell me in the comments which one is your #1, I will include your vote in the ranking here below this text to see which commercial people like the most. These ads are included: 1. Dodge with “Shepherds” from 2017, starring Vin Diesel, part “The Brotherhood of Muscle” campaign (Domestic. Not Domesticated.) 2.Toyota Hilux New Zealand with “Tougher than you can imagine” from 2012 featuring a chimpanzee and a fire-breathing wild boar on a motorbike with rocket launchers 3. Kia Optima with “Fighter Pilot” from 2015, starring Blake Griffin 4. Cadillac ELR with “Poolside” from 2014, starring Neal McDonough (Why do we work so hard? For what? For this? For stuff?) 5. Fiat 500 S with “What bad boys drive” from 2016 (Tested for bad boys) 6. Skoda Fabia vRS with “Mean Green” from 2010 (“Made of Meaner Stuff”) 7. BMW M5 ( E39 generation) with “Jet Car” from 2001 (Fastest saloon car on the planet / Sheer driving pleasure) 8. Audi R8 & Airbnb with “Desolation” from 2016 with Frank Collison, Ashley Boettcher and Callum Joyce (For Those Who Live to Drive) 9. Dodge with “Warning” from 2016 with Fuel by Metallica 10. Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG with “Three Steps” from 2013 + 11. / 11.5 / 11.75 VW Golf GTI with “Unpimp the auto” / “Unpimp ze auto” / “Un-pimp your ride” from 2006, starring Peter Stormare and Zonja Wöstendiek, part of the VDub campaign (Pre-tuned by German engineers / German engineering in da house), intended to parody MTV’s Pimp My Ride, unpimping Mitsubishi Eclipse, Ford Focus and Honda Civic (V Dub in the house! V Dub! Representing Deutschland!) ----------------------------------------------------------- The votes are in and the current winner is: Dodge “Shepherds”/”Warning” (too few votes, though) Results in detail, status July 25, 2018 (votes and positive mentions counted): 1. Dodge, “Shepherds”: 2 votes/mentiones 2. Dodge, “Warning”: 2 votes/mentiones 3.Toyota Hilux, “Tougher than you can imagine”: 1 votes/mentiones 4. Cadillac ELR, “Poolside”: 1 votes/mentiones 5. Fiat 500 S, “What bad boys drive”: 1 votes/mentiones 6. Skoda Fabia vRS, “Mean Green”: 1 votes/mentiones 7. Audi R8 & Airbnb, “Desolation”: 1 votes/mentiones 8. Kia Optima, “Fighter Pilot”: 0 votes/mentiones 9. BMW M5, “Jet Car”: 0 votes/mentiones 10. Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, “Three Steps”: 0 votes/mentiones 11. VW Golf GTI with “Unpimp the auto”: 0 votes/mentiones Thanks to everybody who watched the video, voted and commented on it, liked it and subscribed to my channel – I appreciate that very much!

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Inspired by Every Anime Ever in 4 Words by The Anime Man! Japanese Cars are plentiful and a core part of Tuner Culture. As before, expect to hear some things you don't want to hear, but also hear some things you do want to hear! Also you already know that it's physically impossible for me to get through this video without at least mentioning ricers once...or maybe twice. Anyways y'all asked for it, so enjoy! Every Anime Ever in 4 Words (Joey's Video): Every Car Ever American Edition: Every Car Ever German Edition: My Facebook Page! My Twitter Page! Like what I do? Patreon Virtual Tip Jar! DISCLAIMER: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing." The materials are used for illustrative and exemplification reasons, also quoting in order to recombine elements to make a new work.


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