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So i have to write a description

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I am currently unable to buy myself a gaming pc to play games like witcher 3 or forza horizan 3 or need for speed rivals/payback or player unknown's battleground (pubg) or fortnite etc

you require a high end pc for that with a graphic card of like 1060 1070 1080 or titan gtx geforce of msi or zotac or gigabyte

i dnt have such a money to buy all this so i am playing games for now on my mobile

maybe one fine day i will be able to play games like gta 5 or gta 6 if it comes out or battlefeild or maybe call of duty wwii world war 2 may god bee with me to help me get this pc so that i can play high end games as soon as possible

i see big people like shroud mountain69 summit1g pewdiepie play games i feel sad sometimes but i will definitely play such games one day till then i will play all the mobile games one buy one since its 2017 now soon it will be 2018 and 

some best games will come the top 10 or top 5 games and i will wait pateintly for them one day i will play some of the best games of the year on mobile and pc with best graphics and gameplay and on live stream

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Gameplay / Let's Play sur NFS PAYBACK en français (FR)! Pensez à vous abonner ► et à mettre un pouce bleu si vous avez aimé :) Si vous le souhaitez, partagez cette vidéo sur les réseaux sociaux ça m'aide énormément :) Twitter : Facebook : Instagram : StiM

Check out our exclusive Need for Speed Payback Graveyard Shift PC gameplay in 4K running at 60 FPS, captured on a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PC. Watch as Tyler heads to the airfield and takes on the street league Graveyard Shift, race down the runway, grab some serious air, and work his way up through Silver Canyon. Check out the Recommended PC Specs for Need for Speed Payback here: Subscribe to GeForce! GeForce Twitter: GeForce Facebook: GeForce Instagram:


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