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IMPOSSIBLE THROWING KNIFE / TOMAHAWK TRICK SHOTS!!!! CHALLENGE!! *WORLD RECORD* In this video Marcus (ADHD) attempting impossible level trickshots!! USING THROWING KNIVES, TOMAHAWKS, AND DARTS!! AND EVEN SETS A WORLD RECORD USING DARTS!! Check Out Josh's Channel - Become My Friend On Social Media :D Snapchat - MarcusJXD Twitter - Instagram -

-In this compilation you are going to see The Best Knife Throwing Trick Shots and Challenges by World Champion Adam Celadin - More Knife Throwing Compilation like This one: - Follow me on Facebook: - If you want to be better Knife Thrower check out this playlist: Dont forget share,like,comment or subscribe if you new to my channel! Thank you everyone for support! -If you missed special Christmas episode check it out:

SUBSCRIBE for more! Make Money on YouTube! : Use code "TSN5" for 10% off ALL KontrolFreek products! Song 1: Closing Time - Huey Mack Song 2: Be Free - Marvin Divine Song 3: Bandana Split - Hello World The music used in this video is for entertainment purposes only and no copyright is intended. Player 1➜ Player 2➜ Editor➜ TSN Twitter: TSN Facebook: Subscribe for daily cod trickshots and more call of duty montages!


World's Best Knife Throwing Trick Shots Compilation 2017! This is my Audition for Dude Perfect! Enjoy -if you missed my last video, definitely Check it out: -Visit me on Facebook: -Add me on Instagram: -Add me on Twitter: - Check My Website: -If you want Learn How To be Better Knife thrower check my tutorials: - Visit my friend Hodor - - Music in video: ES_Action Packed And Ready 1 - Victor Ohlsson ES_Heavy Industrial Anger 1 - Victor Ohlsson ES_Le Chat Noir 2 - Martin Landh ES_Life In The Hot Seat 3 - Gavin Luke ES_Untouchable 2 - Jon Björk Pedro Versus the World - Jingle Punks - YouTube Audio Library -Dont forget share,like,comment or subscribe if you new to my channel! Thank you everyone for Awesome support, I really appreciated :) Behind the scene Story: I have problem to reach anyone from Dude Perfect so i made this Knife Throwing Compilation with some of my best trick shots from last couple of months! If you want to see us collaborate together, Share this video with your friends or hit DP on Twitter or else where! Have a great day my friends and See You Next Time


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