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13 Trick Throwing shots from August and September during a game of K.N.I.F.E. - a version of HORSE. What is Knife Trick Throwing? Trick throwing is being able to throw a blade from many different directions in different ways. These aren't fancy trick shots. If used correctly they can be used for combative as well as entertainment purposes. The tricks above are what I call 'release tricks' that focus on throwing the knife from different positions, grips and angles. Volume Two will be "accuracy tricks" that deal more with hitting small, moving or distance targets as well as more 'release trick throws.' NOTE: Had to switch out audio due to copyright claim. Ride of the Valkyrie - Richard Wagner 12/22/2014 Learn how to perform these The WORLDS Top Ranked Knife Throwing Team

Watch me throw throwing knives at fruit!

-In this compilation you are going to see The Best Knife Throwing Trick Shots and Challenges by World Champion Adam Celadin - More Knife Throwing Compilation like This one: - Follow me on Facebook: - If you want to be better Knife Thrower check out this playlist: Dont forget share,like,comment or subscribe if you new to my channel! Thank you everyone for support! -If you missed special Christmas episode check it out:

JJ Hits his own blades with surgical precision in this epic Review of Hibben Throwing Knives! (Early 19th century surgical precision) Fast Hawk Link

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