COWBOY LAND WORLD RECORD?! (Black Ops 2 Zombies "Buried" - NO REVIVE CO-OP Attempt)

author JCbackfire   5 mounths ago

Can 2 Scrubs Beat a Buried World Record in Black Ops 2 Zombies? (AKA, my dad's favorite map) Probably not! BUT it should be fun anyways! ;)


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BLACK OPS 2 on XBOX ONE: we find a new EASTER EGG in Black Ops 2, a five year old game. Will we make the PACK A PUNCH Machine disappear? SUB TO JIMBOTHY -- ROAD TO 800K FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: TWITCH TV: ART BY: LEITTEN'S WEBSITE: This video features gameplay from the backwards compatible version of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (2012). This edition of the game was released in 2017 for the Xbox One and is available for digital download on the Xbox One marketplace. OTHER VIDEOS: BLACK OPS 3: DONALD TRUMP EASTER EGG: BLACK OPS 2: HOW TO GET A GOLDEN RAYGUN (HIDDEN WONDER WEAPON) - ZOMBIES - JIMBOTHY: BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES: HOW TO GET TAKEO'S SWORD EASTER EGG! (SECRET KATANA WEAPON) IN THE GIANT!: BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES: DESTROY THE MOON EASTER EGG! (THE GIANT): BLACK OPS 2 EASTER EGG HOW TO GET A JETGUN IN CAMPAIGN NEW WONDER WEAPON):


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