Need For Speed PAYBACK

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Comparing five of the biggest racing games available on PS4 & Xbox One. Need For Speed Payback (PS4, Xbox One, PC), Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One, PC), DriveClub (PS4 exclusive), The Crew (PS4, Xbox One, PC), and Project CARS 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC). In this video we are mainly focusing on the Lamborghini Aventador. Which game has the best sound for this car? And which game has the best graphics? Let us know! Lots more gameplay available on the channel. More info below. Liked the video? Click the 'LIKE' button, comment, and subscribe! All games were recorded with the latest available update installed (Nov 2017): Need For Speed Payback Version 1.03 | Forza Horizon 3 Latest Update | DriveClub 1.28 | The Crew Version 1.21 | Project CARS 2 Version 2.00 Please note that there is always some quality loss due to capturing, editing, and YouTube compression. All five games look/sound better when you play them on your TV/Monitor with surround speakers. HDR features were turned off during recording, to ensure accurate colors on all (Non-HDR) screens. Video made by Racing Video Games. Playlists are listed below: ► NFS Payback (2017) playlist (gameplay) ► Gran Turismo Sport playlist (gameplay) ► Forza Horizon 3 playlist: (gameplay) ► Assetto Corsa playlist: (gameplay) ► DRIVECLUB playlist: (gameplay) ► Need For Speed playlist: (gameplay) ► Project CARS playlist: (gameplay) ► The Crew playlist: (gameplay)

The latest iteration in the long-running, street racing franchise is back with Need For Speed Payback. Check out our direct-feed, 4K gameplay from Gamescom 2017. Subscribe to GeForce! GeForce Twitter: GeForce Facebook: GeForce Instagram:

Multiplayer free-roam is "missing" from NFS Payback, but there's a workaround for that... ► MAP AND MORE DETAILS HERE ► SMASH that like button for MORE OF THIS! ♥ Cheap Games! Use code 'DRIFT'! - Thanks to - Matty C: Cory: Conor: Reddit link: Disclaimer: we are unsure how this will work once more players join the game, especially random people. We imagine it'll be fine unless multiple people join and attempt to ready up and start the event. We'll see, but for now... fingers crossed! » Twitter | » Instagram | » Discord | » Facebook | ------------------------------------ ♫ Outro music | Theme music - hors d'oeuvres by Madloops

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