SUPER MARIO RUN Gameplay Walkthrough Let's Play ITA - Parte 7 - Lanciafiamme

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Riprendiamo il Gameplay Walkthrough Let's Play ITA di SUPER MARIO RUN su iPhone iOS.

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I'm going to do a quick 100% walkthrough of New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Nintendo 3DS. This will show all of the star coin locations as well as the secret exits in each world. I'll likely be uploading 1 world at a time. Here are the times for each level, star coin and secret exit: New Super Mario Bros 2 100% Playlist 00:53 World 1-1 (W1-1) 01:10 Star Coin 1 01:35 Star Coin 2 02:05 Star Coin 3 02:44 World 1-2 (W1-2) 03:11 Star Coin 1 03:23 Star Coin 2 03:50 - 04:07 Star Coin 3 04:48 World 1-3 (W1-3) 05:47 Star Coin 1 06:07 Star Coin 2 06:35 Star Coin 3 07:08 World 1-Tower (W1-T) 07:46 Star Coin 1 08:19 Star Coin 2 08:46 Star Coin 3 09:41 World 1-Tower (World 1-T) Secret Exit 10:14 Secret Exit Location 11:05 World 1-Cannon (W1-Cannon) 12:09 World 1-4 (W1-4) 12:20 Star Coin 1 12:31 Star Coin 2 13:03 Star Coin 3 14:05 World 1-A (W1-A) 14:21 Star Coin 1 15:17 Star Coin 2 15:37 Star Coin 3 16:23 World 1-5 (W1-5) 16:50 Star Coin 1 17:05 Star Coin 2 18:05 Star Coin 3 19:00 World 1-Castle (W1-C) 19:27 Star Coin 1 19:38 Star Coin 2 20:30 Star Coin 3 20:10 World 1 Boss Fight

A new Mario game you can play with one hand! Official website: App Store: 片手であそぶ、新しいマリオ。 公式サイト AppStore

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►Super Mario Run World 4 100% Gameplay | Walkthrough ►Playlist : ▼All Level Timestamps▼ 00:00 - Special Course 1 - Chase the Snaking Coins 01:58 - Special Course 2 - Piranha Plant Field 03:26 - Special Course 3 - Make the Cut! ►Twitter : ►Avatar Picture : ►No Commentary Gameplay by NintenU (2016)◄


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