LE ROI-LICHE (Paladin) !!! Aventures Hearthstone - Gameplay FR 720p

author SerialKillerYo [SKY]   2 mounths ago

J'en ai chié, mais chié un truc de fou...
3 heures pour le latter...
N'hésitez pas à vous abonner pour fêter ma victoire !!!

Voilà ce que donne un Rexxar tour 1 avec un PH gratuit ^^ Les zombeasts bien vénères qu'on peut sortir !!! N'hésitez pas à vous abonner !!!

The new Witchwood expansion has arrived. This deck by Dane caught my eye. Reno Jackson? Blingtron? Shudderwock? Disgusting late game Shudderwock value with return to hand and return to deck effects? Yes please. In the first game against the Rogue, I seriously thought there was no chance of me losing. So I started being very casual with my healing spells and my use of Reno. Playing a tempo Reno was quite fun - just to get the healing effect enabled for Shudderwock. My mentality in this game was simply to play as many battlecries as possible for Shudderwock. There was one scary moment where the Rogue got double windfury minions.... but apart from that, it was a walk in the park! The second game, against a Paladin - that was a bit more serious. However, this deck has enough healing and AOE to dominate against Paladin. The issue of course is whether you draw your cards in the right order!

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Tsss, la RNG ne m'aime pas trop, ces derniers temps... Mais pas grave, on ne désespère pas !!! N'hésitez pas à vous abonner !!!

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