#SoaRRC Livestream #15 COD BO2: Party Games (PS3) @NoisyButters

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My mum said if we hit 10k this week she'll quit smoking and actually love me, please help this orphan out & drop a sub. P.S Don't forget to dab on them haters.

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Welcome to day 16 of my #SoaRRC livestream grind. If you want to help out & join me on this journey then drop a sub quicker than I drop the dab. Cheers mate. Unfortunately there is a limited number of spots available on any persons friends list. Just because you're in my stream doesn't mean you're entitled to an add. If you keep asking for one, you will get timed out. Please & thank you. Hey guys thanks for tuning in to my stream. If you want to be an awesome lad and help me out then drop a like and subscribe if you're new! I stream multiple times during the week on a handful of consoles so chances are you'll get to play with me one day, especially if you’re active (click the bell to never miss a stream). Subscribe to Saw if you’re awesome - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSawSniping Saw Twitter - https://twitter.com/TeamSawGG Things that get you put in timeout or banned in my streams. 1. Racism or extreme hate to a certain group or person. Banter is fine; swearing is fine but if someone gets personal and goes beyond a joke, give them a warning and if continued put them in time out. We're here for a good time after all. 2. Continuous spam (talking with me is fine but not in terms of self-promotion, stupid comments, the same question, repetitively asking me to add you etc.). Give people a warning but any more than three of the same message in a row will be an offence. 3. That's really it...Those are the two biggest problems. Let it be known that moderators should not abuse their power. If you dislike someone you can't just time them out. Even if they have been racist in your game or violated a rule in previous streams, you can't just put them in timeout if they haven't yet done something wrong. Moderators will be given a warning for breaching rules before having their power taken away. Thanks for tuning into the stream. If you want to support me and these live events a tad more then you can donate here ( if you subscribe or donate your name literally appears on screen, it's majestic af) - https://youtube.streamlabs.com/glidezffa#/ PS4 Name – Its_Glidez_ PS3 Name – Saw_Glidez Xbox Name – Saw xGlidez Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ItsGlidez/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/SawGlidez #SoaRRC @Incredilag @SawGlidez @shifty

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Let's reach for the stars and smash 100 likes for this epic video. We did some crazy stuffs for this vlog so I hope you enjoy it. Let us know if you want us to go out and record some more stupid content for another vlog (100+likes and we will). Also bare in mind that the ladies in the shop had a smile the whole time we were there. I believe it were the managers that came out and had a huge problem with us. I blurred everyone out for confidentiality purposes though. Thanks for watching peoples. Feel free to leave feedback and love if you're a top lad. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ItsGlidez/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/@xGlidez

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