Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 (PC) - Part 25 [Blacklist #10/Baron]

author edgar38848 (E3)   7 mounths ago

Time to challenge Baron on a race.

Missions: Challenge Baron

GAME: Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005
CONSOLE: Windows 10 PC Laptop
RECORDER: Bandicam

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After defeating the first Most Wanted racer in Fairhaven City, we're still moving on by continuing through more Most Wanted events to complete. Missions: - Continental Drift (Circuit Race) [1:41] - Park And Country (Sprint Race) [5:39] - Arch Enimies (Sprint Race) [14:37] - Harbor Run (Sprint Race) [21:56] - Bloody Nose (Ambush) [25:07] - Turbine (Speed Run) [29:32] - Power Slide (Drift Attack) [32:03] - Ship To Shore (Smash And Grab) [36:05] GAME: Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 PLAYER: Edgar CONSOLE: PlayStation 3 RECORDER: Roxio Game Capture HD Pro

After completing all of most wanted events and taking down one Most Wanted Racer on Fairhaven City, the challenge against Most Wanted #9 Racer is on. Mission: - Most Wanted #9 [2:17] GAME: Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 PLAYER: Edgar CONSOLE: PlayStation 3 RECORDER: Roxio Game Capture HD Pro

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