Round 240 IW Zombies In Spaceland World Record PS4

author llStevell   1 years ago

most the close calls from my high round it finally got the error message haha thanks for watching ♥ first room then shadows of evil high round next? :)
first room record

downs 2

total time approx 100 hours 2 mins

the livestream of this what i started and got the error instantly lol

my brothers channel

call of duty infinite warfare zombies 200 240 world record highest round achieved legit

LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!!! We put quite a bit of work into this one! Set in the outskirts of Spaceland, Richtofen finds himself a hostage of Andre, AJ, Sally, and Poindexter. The rounds are getting harder and harder and they are running out of time. Will Richtofen tell them how to beat the game? Special thanks to the Lyosacks, Kelliibabe Zombie Merchandise, and RichAlvarez for supporting this project! All their links can be found in the description :) The Lyosacks: RichAlvarez: KelliiBabe Zombie Merchandise:

This video is mostly funny moments from me and a friend playing Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland. I get the axe for the first time from the magic wheel in this video. The axe is not that good of a weapon but when you buy the right perks and pack-a-punch it, it can become a lot better. I use it for most of this video because it is my first time getting it and I find it really fun. I have played a lot of Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland now and I think that the axe is the only special weapon that you can get from the magic wheel. I hope that you guys enjoy this video! ● Twitter - ● Apply For Curse Network! (Find Out If You Are Eligible!) - ● A Previous Video - ● Click here to subscribe - ● Live stream - Hope you enjoy the NEW video – Thanks for watching! --- Video uploaded & owned by MatMicMar

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Set up for high rounds or early Easter Egg. ORIGINAL CONTENT Only strategy at this point that is legit in getting so many points so early in the game!!!! YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST SHAREfactory™!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00


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