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Top de cartas nerfeadas, aprovechen para dejar comentarios y likes :3

- Diciembre 2014: Nerfs Soulfire, Subastador y Bengala - Enero 2015: Nerf Enterrador - Octubre 2015: Nerf Comandante - Abril 2016: Nerf cartas clásicas - Marzo 2014, Nerf Maestro manitas sobrechispa, vídeo de Trolden - Diciembre 2013, Nerf hechizos de congelar, vídeo de Trolden Puedes verme en directo en Para enterarte cuando hago directos, sígueme en Twitter: Y en Facebook:

Hearthstone I decided to check - is it possible to play more than 45 turns Total number of turns 89, impossible to play anymore. Player1 had only 20 turns and the Player2 had 69 turns 69+20=89 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Решил проверить, возможно ли играть более 45ти ходов Full playlist Tavern Brawl here: Full playlist Best and Funny moments here: Full playlist Online Duels here: Full playlist Mythbusters Hearthstone here: Full playlist Solo Adventures here: Full playlist Opening Packs here:

Here is another best Hearthstone moments of the week! Sorry for the lack of videos past week, I've been sick as hell. I hope you'll understand and enjoy the new video! Like this video, comment down below and tell me what you think! Subscribe for more videos! Thank you for watching! It helps me out a lot! Streamers: Outro song: We Are One - Vexento Follow me on Twitter: SUBSCRIBE ▶▶▶▶▶

All of the legendary "The Darkness" card dialogue/sounds from Hearthstone, in 14 different languages. Your candles flicker, little kobolds (Play) Snuffed out (Attack) One by one (Candle drawn) All Kobolds & Catacombs cards playlist: All Knights of the Frozen Throne cards playlist: All Journey to Un'Goro cards playlist: All Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards playlist: All One Night in Karazhan cards playlist: All Whispers of the Old Gods cards playlist: All Legendary cards playlist: All Hearthstone cards playlist (Naxx, GvG, TGT, etc.): Support LFP on Patreon: (or click the sponsor button at Twitch: Click the link to Subscribe: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: The different languages are: English, German, Spanish, Latin American Spanish (Mexican Spanish), French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Chinese and Taiwanese (Standard Mandarin). Die Dunkelheit /deDE The Darkness /enUS La oscuridad /esES La oscuridad /esMX Les ténèbres /frFR L'Oscurità /itIT クライヤミ /jaJP 어둠의 존재 /koKR Ciemność /plPL A Escuridão /ptBR Тьма /ruRU ความมืด /thTH 黑暗之主 /zhCN 無邊黑暗 /zhTW Disclaimer #1: The text at the bottom of the video is NOT a translation, it is simply stating what the English language said for reference. If you know any of the 14 languages and you feel that you can contribute a good translation of what was said, then please feel free to put the translation in the comments. Disclaimer #2: There is no such language as "Chinese" or "Taiwanese", but Blizzard indicates the language as "zhCN" which is "Mandarin spoken in China", and "zhTW" which is "Mandarin spoken in Taiwan", so please take note of that.


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