Diablo 3 - The Darkening of Tristram

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Diablo 3 RoS patch 2.4.3 gameplay - Diablo 1 20th anniversary event: Darkening of Tristram. Full walkthrough + guide on getting cosmetics, butcher pet, cow pet, red soulstone helm transmog. Season 9 starts Friday. Diablo 3 2017 gameplay - crusader. In glorious retro vision! More Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guides, builds for all classes - Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Crusader, Barbarian, Monk, and Wizard: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLynOeXfVv8P7bQqfvTOzHe7b6LQA7TbTe ▬ Subscribe for more videos ►http://bit.ly/RhykkerSub ▬ Follow me on Twitch to join me when I play: ►http://bit.ly/1v5gqDu ▬ Patreon rewards: https://www.patreon.com/rhykker ▬ Follow me on Twitter for updates: ►https://twitter.com/rhykker Executive producers: Kiskaloo, MohEternal Special thanks: Joel Williams, Treeo83, Nxtrogen, Maia Nashira, Gwen Scanlon

A relaxing, whispered playthrough of the Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo 3 going on this month. I go over how to get all the transmogs and pets for the event and ramble a bit about WoW and Diablo. There is also some events with cultists that I don't show in this video.

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