Need for Speed Tokyo Nights - ¿Que es?

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Vídeo en el que explico de que se trata el proyecto Need for Speed Tokyo Nights.

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Canal dedicado a la saga Need For Speed y a juegos de conducción en general.

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Honda civic stance build in nfs payback

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For this video, the main topic is Need For Speed 2015- a game I withheld from buying until later to let hype die down. Well, come to find out I had plenty of reasons why to stay away. Great ideas? Yep. Not the best execution. Stay awesome and thanks for watching! Outro Song- Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (Matstubs Remix)

We FINALLY get around to trying out some multiplayer destruction with The Boys™ (Loudos, CMR101dude, and our friend Dan). I present to you the pretty much unedited debut of our multiplayer "career" lol ⯆Be sure to like, comment, follow, and subscribe! (Press Show More!)⯆ ⯈FOLLOW US ON TWITCH!: ⯈Join our Discord Server!: ⯈Follow Ed on twitter: ⯈Follow Ed on Instagram: ⯈Follow Soundhead Entertainment on Twitter: ⯈Follow Soundhead Entertainment on Instagram: Video Creator: Ed Soundhead Editor: Ed Soundhead


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