Top 10 UNBELIEVABLE Real Life Wonder Weapons From Call of Duty Zombies

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Top 10 UNBELIEVABLE Real Life Wonder Weapons From Call of Duty Zombies

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Hello to the Little one, the Bigger one, and the Biggest! Today, we’re offering you weapons of any taste and size. Here are Ten of the Coolest and most Unusual guns of all times. Let’s go. VIDEO SOURCES: 1)SCRC Gatling ► ► 2)duckfoot ► ► 3)Punt Gun ► 4)World's largest firing revolver(RT) ► 5)Kolibri (GolemasterCZ) ► (Forgotten Weapons) ► 6)100 Round Drum Mags(TotallyRAD!) ► 7)950 JDJ (Knight Rifles) ► 8)Ring Gun(Joe Menefe) ► 9)Apache Knuckle Duster ► ► How can you protect your house? Install an alarm system and get a big dog? Or construct a DIY Gatling gun that will consist of six rifles attached to each other? The third option seems to be the most reliable. One barrel is good, and four is better! This is the principle that inspired the creators of the gun called Duck Foot. It received such a weird name due to the unique arrangement of its barrels. They are four and are all pointing in different directions, like a duck foot. The four barrels are located at a small angle to one another, thanks to which the danger area increases significantly. An owner of such a gun could kill several assailants at once. A huge monstrous weapon that rather reminds a naval cannon. Punt Gun is a truly unique weapon. Its size is striking and its purpose is a bit shocking: it’s intended to hunt ducks. The record holder of the Guinness Book of Records: the biggest revolver in the world! It was built by a Polish engineer, Ryszard Tobys. He dreamed of creating something grand and decided to build an exact enlarged copy of the legendary revolver by Remington. Now, the smallest gun in the world, Kolibri.The size of this hottie is surprising, and makes you think of the gun from Men in Black. It was created over a hundred years ago, and only 1,000 copies were issued between 1910-1920. It was a little longer than 4 cm, the bullet featured a 2.7 caliber, weighed 0.2 gr, and had an initial speed of 150 meters per second. Its magazine contained five cartridges and was to be inserted into the handle, it fit perfectly into the tiniest palms. 200 shots in five seconds, and that’s not a tommy gun, and not even a machine gun, it’s Glock with its hellish magazine for 100 cartridges. The radial design of the magazine separates it into two parts, each containing 50 cartridges. The 950 JDJ, 24,1 mm! Yes. This is the caliber that the three unique American limited-edition rifles feature. Handling such a gun is not easy: depending on the design, its weight is from 39 to 50 kg. Add expensive ‘shells’ that cost $40 a piece, and a crazy recoil when shooting. Well, what did you expect? It’s a ruthless rifle for ruthless men. The chopstick gun was only invented in the middle of the 20th century, but long before that another curious self-defense weapon had been invented. It’s a ring-shaped gun created in England in the Victorian era. The ring is actually a six-chambered mini revolver. Despite the small caliber of the bullet, it would be enough to shoot at an unprotected part of the body, for example, neck, to inflict mortal damage. And now, probably the most famous strange gun, Apache Nagant, designed as a knuckle-duster. It was invented by a great French engineer Louis Dolone in 1869. Designed as a usual knuckle duster, the gun was a dangerous weapon in the hands of assassins who seemed to adore the weapon. Aside from the charge cylinder, the knuckle duster contained a 3-cm knife. This devilish combination of compactness, steel arms and firearms interested assassins who applied Apache Nagant for covert and imperceptible murder.

watch: HACKER CAUGHT ON CAMERA --~-- I use Marvel Superhero weapons & become a fruit ninja in real life! ▶ Use code WildClay at ▶ Chad Wild Clay Marathon - After my last Marvel Avengers video tons of you commented to do another Marvel superheroes video! Well since I always loved reading Marvel Comics, playing the Marvel video games and watching Marvel movies I decided to buy more dangerous ninja weapons once again test them out in real life against fruit. I use Black Panther's claws, Magik's Souldsword, Black Panther's energy daggers, Ghost Rider's hellfire chain, and Gambit's Bo Staff. #1a Black Panther Gloves - #1b Black Panther Claws - #1c Black Panther Costume (Adult) - #1d Black Panther Costume (Kids) - #2 Magik - Soulsword - #3 Energy Daggers - #4 Ghost Rider Chain - #5 Gambit Bo Staff - I'm Chad Wild Clay and you can hang with me here: ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ All original music performed, recorded and produced by Chad Wild Clay. Most royalty free background music is from Epidemic Sounds. Other royalty free music used is: Geoxor - You & I [NCS Release] • • • • • Paul Flint - Savage [NCS Release] • • • • • Mastering by Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann - I Remember U (Xilent Remix) [NCS Release] Xilent • • • • Cartoon • • • • Jüri Pootsmann • • Light Years Away - Melrose At Midnight [NCS Release] • • • • Jordan Schor - Cosmic (feat. Nathan Brumley) [NCS Release] [Jordan Schor] • • [Nathan Brumley] • •

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