I love the Power Glove... its so bad.

author macjoshy   10 years ago

Undoubtedly the best clip from the entire movie.

Lucas is obnoxiously arrogant, but its ok because, after all, he has a Power Glove.

1989 movie "The Wizard" starring Fred Savage & Christian Slater (This is taken from an original VHS......I now have the DVD lol) There is only 3 whistles yeh? 2 in world 1 and 1 in world 2 yeh? :-)

A short three minute documentary on the Mattel Power Glove for NES. Joshua gives some facts and puts the glove into action. To support us go to https://www.patreon.com/demonstrations Starring Joshua Tolley Production Help Sara Foster Tyler Fox Daniel Wynn Nicole West

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Cameo apperance by Tobey in the classic, The Wizard. See if you can spot him.

If you visited my website a number of years ago, you may have come across a text file I wrote detailing the many mistakes made by the 1989 video game opus "The Wizard" - both factually and in presentation of the various games used. Here they are in video format. (And yes, I know it's just a movie. I heartily enjoy this movie, as a matter of fact. Point is, 90% of the stuff in this video is stuff that any 9-year-old watching the movie at the time would've noticed as being blatantly wrong. They had a "Nintendo Consultant" on the payroll, for God's sake - they could have at least gotten the Zelda stuff right.) It should be noted that this video only deals with things that are FACTUALLY wrong about the various games it depicts. There are plenty of other discrepancies in the film - like how they knew about the Warp Whistles when SMB3 had yet to be released, or how Spanky doesn't kill them all by oversteering his big rig on the drive to Universal Studios - but since those things either don't involve gameplay or cannot be irrefutably disproven, they're omitted.


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