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New lego war stop motion - ww2 Normandy D-DAY landing
Lego reconstruction of "Saving private Ryan"
Use brickarms from brickmania , citizenbrick, brickforge and landing craft from Mega Bloks.

A true American hero if I ever saw one! Behind the Scenes: Vimeo Link (superior sound & picture quality): Special thanks to Battle Brick Customs for providing most of the Nazi Zombie figures: Also a very special TANKS to Deadnight44 for providing the custom armored fighting vehicles featured in this video: Lastly, both Sean & Zach were an immense help on this project. I couldn't have done it without them: Thanks for watching guys. If you enjoyed this video, show it to a friend! Or not. Whatever. CONTACT: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: 2ND CHANNEL: STORE:

The Spartans go to war on the shores of Zanzibar! Watch as the battle continously escalates in glorious stop-motion action inspired by the Halo Franchise in the full-length featurette from Kooberz Studio! To learn more about Battle of the Brick, head over to GameTrailers: Kooberz Studios:

Итоговая третья часть Лего мультфильма о Сталинградской битве - решающий штурм. Знаю, что есть к чему придраться и по сценарию и по исполнению... оставляйте свои комментарии и может смогу объяснить почему я сделал так , а не иначе. Help us caption & translate this video!

Tiny Facists and Commies duke it out near Dubno, in Ukraine. It's day two of von Kleist's Soviet Vacation, but Zhukov has 3,500 tanks. Who gets to starve millions of Ukrainians, the Far Right or the Far Left? Both? One thing's for sure - nobody's going to apologize for tearing up their lawn. Click on the "Fan Funding" Button to send us some bucks on our Channel Page Or else we will execute one Lego person every half hour Thanks for the voices - They're good. With cooperation from Russia and Germany: Russians by: Mikhail Balashov (Михаил Балашов) "load high explosive!" Germans by: Nicolas11x12 - "we're good!" BaeumlerFilm - "get out!" Top Motion Thanks for the tanks: Kirill Simerzin in Russia designed almost all of these Soviet vehicles in Germany designs all the German vehicles except Jose Molina in USA designs the Ju 87 Stuka Bomber Brian Fitzsimmons in USA designs the Pz II Ngoc Truong "Lego4Life" in Vietnam designs the Pz III and also the KV-1 The train engine is from The Soviet helmets are 3D printed from Woody64 on Shapeways§ion=Packs#more-products Music and Commercial Royalty Free Licenses from Music, in order, was: Epic Suspense by Hakan Eriksson Annihilation Suite by Jason Livesay Epic Suspense Theme by Hakan Eriksson Breakout by Jason Livesay Sounds and commercial royalty free license for sounds from Also mixed with some homemade sounds. Animated using Dragonframe, After Effects, and sound mixed using Wavepad

MOHAA Omaha Beach, Normandy (France) June 6, 1944 (D-Day) Gameplay HD. This is one of the most memorable missions in Medal of Honor Allied Assault and one of the best depictions of a battle in a game. This is one of the battles that decided the second World War. SUBSCRIBE!: Please comment & rate! Visit our website: - for the latest game news! Like us on Facebook:


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