My 300 Subscriber Gaming Setup!

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Welcome To The Channel! I am gamer who does live streams and videos almost every day! If you are new Here Don't forget to Smash That Subscribe Button And turn on the bell! If you are the First one at the stream You Get A Shout out!
Clash Of Clans Tag-#8VGYU92UJ
Instagram- Xierty_Yt
Slowly Achieving My Goal Of 1,000 Subscribers!
100 Subs-Achieved12/22/17✔️
200 Subs- Achieved 6/13/18 ✔️
300 Subs-289/300
400 Subs-289/400
500 Subs-289/500
600 Subs-289/600
700 Subs-289/700
800 Subs-289/800
900 Subs-289/900
1k Subs-289/1,000

👕Merch 📸Instagram → 👻Snapchat → VilgotOfficial ▼ Donera▼ Swish: 0720418630💸 (PayPal) 💲→ 😄 Donationer uppskattas sjukt mycket😄 ⚠ Donationer är frivilliga om ni är under 15 föräldrars tillstånd ⚠ Top 3 donations 1: Ios 3001kr 2. Thimon 1921Kr 3 .Anton1880KR Discord Server → Vilgot K#5431 Hoppas ni diggar mina streams glöm inte att prenumerera och lika och de viktigaste klicka i ring klockan 🔔 TAGS! Ignorera! fortnite, fortnite svenska, svenska, Highlight, svenska Highlight, Highlight på fortnite snenska, vilgotk, vilgotk2, pokemon go prank, live på svenska zaitroz abbe #BattleRoyale #FortniteSvenska #SWEDEN

Donate Here- My Passion Is YouTube ♥️ Please Help Me Grow! Next Goal: 10k By the end of next year 🎮 Gaming Based Channel 🎮

Watch me play Clash of Clans!

Welcome to Funhaus TV! A 24/7 stream of all of our content! I don't know what else should go here. Check this link for some shit I guess.

This level in Spyro will always be the biggest pain! JOIN THE CLUB: Spyro 3 ► ►Twitter : ►Instagram: ►Merchandise: Edited by Pixlpit: Outro animation created by Pixlpit: Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here #jacksepticeye #Spyro #SpyroReignited


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