Batman: Arkham Origins - Joker Meets Harley

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After being captured and sent to Blackgate, the Joker meets Harley. They then have an interview that explores Joker's mind. Or at least, what is left of it.

10 Joker Suicide Squad Deleted Scenes That DC Removed From Final Cut! Subscribe to our channel : Check Out These Other Amazing Videos: 10 Secret Facts About DISNEY Princesses That Went Unnoticed! 10 Superhero Actors Who Can Do Superhero Things! DC's live-action Suicide Squad split comic fans down the middle, but no matter how people felt about Jared Leto's Joker, nearly everyone agreed: they wanted more - and apparently, they were originally going to get it. With hours of Joker footage on the cutting room floor, we've broken down some of the scrapped scenes that we think would have made the movie better. Give the video a Like if you think these Joker moments deserve to be seen, or should have been included in the actual movie! Here are 10 Deleted Suicide Squad Joker Scenes That Would Have Changed Everything. Script by: Andrew Dyce @andrewbdyce Voice Over by: David Macri Edited by: Alex Luthor Featuring: Joker’s Jailbreak | 00:32 Joker’s Therapy | 00:56 Letting Harley Live | 01:26 Joker & Monster T | 01:51 A Killer Delivery | 02:21 Predator Becomes The Prey | 02:47 Harley Shot First | 03:18 Joker’s Gang | 03:42 Harley’s Classic Costume | 04:15 Joker’s Smoke Grenade | 04:45 Our Social Media: Our Website

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Top 10 Things DC Wants You To FORGET About Harley Quinn! Welcome back to the channel everyone! In today's video, we will be doing another 10 Things ___ Wants You To Forget About. I've done these videos in the past for DC, Marvel and even Cartoon Shows. But now I will expand this series and be doing more in-depth characters inside of the companies. This is one example of taking a superhero and things DC wants you to forget. If you are wondering what this serious is about, let me explain. Since we are doing 10 Things DC Wants You To FORGET About Harley Quinn! We will be looking at 10 of the worst things DC has done with Harley Quinn therefore wanting them to wish we forgot. So yea, Harley Quinn may be a character that everyone loves now, but DC had to do a lot in order to hide the bad things about Harley Quinn. Pretty simple! Let me know who you wanna see next! Enough talking, here you guys go: 10 Things DC Wants You To FORGET About Harley Quinn DONT FORGET TO LIKE THE VIDEO & SUBSCRIBE! Can we REACH 100 LIKES?!? What should my next list be?! I'd love to hear some ideas! ►Help Us Reach 100K Subscribers - ►Twitter - ►Facebook - ►Instagram -

The Joker seduces Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a new worker at Arkum Asylum, by creating a false sense of pathos From 'Mad Love', which is from 'The New Batman Adventures' Like, maybe even sub if you're in a good mood I own nothing

Batman finds out that it has been The Joker behind everything. Who would of guessed? Everyone...


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