Building part of my house in Minecraft pocket edition #1

author the 3 goldin wolves   4 mounths ago

A time lapse project of a custom home built by Weaver Homes -- a division of Weaver Companies, Inc. Original footage was captured at 1 photo every 30 seconds over a 6 month period resulting in 45 days of capture and over 70,000 photos. Images we edited in Adobe Lightroom 3, combined in Quicktime Pro at 30 frames/sec and compiled in iMovie 11. Most clips were then sped up by 200-400% to produce this short movie. Enjoy!

I'm still pecking away at this project. Problem is, it gets dark way too early now. In this episode, I wrap the tree house in tyvek, get a few of the slab siding pieces up, work on the bridge railings, and install doors and windows. After it gets dark, I've been working in my shop building the zip line components. Thanks for following along. Not far from done now. Click on this link if you're interested in a few more of the videos I made on structural engineering, home building and construction. This video will provide you with what I consider to be a simple view of how a load bearing wall works along with a few structural engineering points on home building. The most popular video to date I have made has to do with providing a few tips about load bearing structural walls and this will be the first in a series of related videos to provide more information for do-it-yourselfers as well as professionals. Don't forget to check out some of our other videos and visit our website for more information about construction and remodeling.

In this video we are decking a rain water catchment also a concrete cutter bed, on the 2nd floor is consist of 4 bedroom including the master bedroom, 3 bathroom. The master bedroom is of 2 walk in closet his and hers, master bathroom with a walk in shower, double sink face basin a closet toilet and a Jacuzzi. This video depicts the casting of the floor which took about a week to put up and a day to cast and the building of the blocks which took approximately 1week. Thank you and I hope this help you.

September 12-17, 2017. More rain, but more progress! Main roof sheathing completed. Arctic entry framed and roofed.


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