Building part of my house in Minecraft pocket edition #1

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BUILDING MY NEW HOUSE IN MINECRAFT! This is a very special video. I recently took a huge leap in my life from minecraft to real life in my house adventures. I have actually managed to get my own place. It's not your typical "youtuber mansion" but it's my future home. It's a new build in england. All of your guys support is in part responsible for making my dream come true. I can not thank you enough. It's weird because this house will be made in minecraft before real life. Official GRIAN Store: I use the Replay Mod for most of my videos, please support the developers: Follow me! - Twitter: - Facebook: - Twitch: - Instagram: -Powered by Chillblast:

Description - Rainwater Catchment Tank Building my rainwater catchment tank in Jamaica took approximately two weeks to complete, and cost me roughly US$3,000. However, I consider it money well-spent, being that, it will last a life time or two... My water tank system is designed to catch rainwater from my roof. I decided to build this catchment system, because there is currently no access to potable running water in this part of the island. Although, I think if there were, I would still probably build a water tank, for the obvious reason that it would not only be convenient for me, but prove cheaper in the long run. I have noticed over time that my community is still plagued with the nuisance of frequent power outages and water lock offs, so having my very own rainwater catchment tank, in a necessary convenience that gives me comfort and piece of mind. I would recommend that everyone who can, does the same...

In this video we are decking a rain water catchment tank and a split-level, consisting of 1 bedroom + bathroom and a small kitchen. On top of the split level, is the first floor that we used approximately 2500 blocks to complete. It has a bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and a living room. Also, on the first floor, is a split rental unit, with a 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom, a small kitchen and dining room, with it's own entrance. It took approximately two weeks to complete majority of the mason work for the first floor, including; laying blocks, building columns, lintels and belting. As usual price may vary depending on your parish and/or area in which you live. You just have to do your due diligence, find out the going rate and negotiate the best available price for the quality work you seek... Good luck!!!

Welcome to my little project, it took me less than 2 weeks to do the foundation. I started on April 7th to April 18th 2014.

2nd floor is consist of 4 bedroom including the master bedroom, 3 bathroom. The master bedroom is consist of 2 walk in closet his and hers, master bathroom with a walk in shower, double sink face basin a closet toilet and a Jacuzzi. This video depicts the casting of the floor which took about a week to put up and a day to cast and the building of the blocks which took approximately 1week. Thank you and I hope this help you.


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