Angry birds Vicente 👦🏻

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Olá pessoal , estes 2 dias têm sido um inferno , cheio de trágedias para S.vicente , tem havida muita chuva , muitas acidentes , derrocadas e estradas fechadas/bloqueadas. Espero que se resolva rapidamente este grande problema. Neste video um fiz um antes e depois de como era e está s.vicente nestes dias. Tem imagens devastadoras. Partilhem este video !! Facebook: Skype: robertodelouro Youtube: This video is for recreational purposes only. All music and images belong to their rightful owners. I do not own anything in the video, no copyright infringement intended. I own nothing of this. All credits belongs to their real owner. No copyright infrigment intended. Bergersen created this song in memory of the victims of March 2011 Japanese Tsunami. All proceeds got to relief organizations. Extra Tags: S. Vicente - 5/6 Novembro 2012 " Antes & Depois " Estradas fechadas entre São Vicente e Porto Moniz Número de desalojados em São Vicente sobe para 40 muita chuva muitas acidentes derrocadas estradas fechadas/bloqueadas são vicente em mau estado estes dias sao vicente sao vicente devastada jornaldasnoticas sao vicente pé do passo destruido vento e chuva norte da Madeira 5-11-2012 Mau tempo induzido na Madeira de 4 a 6 de Novembro de 2012 TVI MADEIRA MAU TEMPO RIBEIRA JANELA PORTO MONIZ TVI MADEIRA MAU TEMPO SÃO VICENTE

Start from the beginning and watch part 1: While most "nouveau riche" happily spend their new money on shit the old money has already deemed acceptable, China's spoiled young princelings aren't content with horses, sports cars, and insanely tacky watches alone. In tribute to the intrepid bootleggers who've propped up their country's market economy, China's rich have taken arguably the worst bird of all time, the pigeon, and slapped a Louis Vuitton logo on it. Racing pigeons are the new thoroughbreds here, with birds auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece and races netting millions for the championship flock. Which sucks for the old timers, whose balcony-bred birds don't stand a chance against these million-dollar superflocks. And which just sucks in general because, well, pigeons. Fucking pigeons. Click here to watch part 2: Hosted by Thomas Morton Follow Thomas on Twitter - Check out the Best of VICE here: Subscribe to VICE here! Check out our full video catalog: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like VICE on Facebook: Follow VICE on Twitter: Read our tumblr:

School Children Sing At Chanukkah Concert Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 2013

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