Clips that made me WTF

author Iuq   3 years ago

Damn, this took me 4 hours to finalize. Anyways, here is a list of my favourite clips of all time. I literally said, "What the Fuck" to all of these clips.

I use to find awesome montages until Youtube decided to get rid of the "Activity All" tab to see subscriptions likes. But, Youtube are fucking cunts and I hate them now. Probably won't even bother using Youtube anymore. Fuck Youtube. Peace


Thought I'd make a little top favourite clips vid as another cod year is coming to an end. Keep in mind these are clips that were first seen in montages in 2015, so there will undoubtedly be some clips in here that were hit before 2015. Anyways, think it turned out pretty well, since I can't think of any clips I've missed (apart from some pc clips but i just dont know the standards on that). Oh and I'm not making a top favourite clips hit by me because tage (which will sadly not come out before bo3). But yeah, like and comment and whatnot to get some good karma (; Also won't be playing bo3, so don't expect any content of that anytime soon Hope you enjoy!

CHECKOUT EVERYONE FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: Chapper: Ky: Rym: Revex: Davey: Jay: RFT: Ziroy: Mitaa: Ridd: Blue: DWZ: Hydra: Bewgz: Siraaj: Hyderix: Crafted: Thief: Fallen: Bloo: Zaaphy: LE: Aces: Poko: Kraazy: Bazz: Misc: Everest: Drops: Prica: Gameboy: Frog: Bhears: Dib: Melvin: Genno: Tiq: Survy: PJ: JF: Octoh: at7f: Doopis: Chai: TDC: OtakuGirl98: Jake: Outcast: Spratt: Pamaj: Lunks: Conky: Siraaj: Klyn: Drey: Martix: Kurzu: Gwol: Fart Q: Hazed: Xruh: Geeft: Desmow: Mirg: Kingz: Axij: Sith: NJD: Lurk: Prophet: Dehiz: WB: Rockst4r: Kapt: Snstr: Four: Rahhfael: Tiger: Rayd: Rep: Pieguy: Bhears: Arganez: Veizuh:

didnt want to have you watch 2 hours of msr 5 multis

Probably my last BO3 highlight video.. Basically just everything I had left on my computer since I haven't been playing BO3, hopefully you guys enjoy and are as hyped as me for the IW beta :) Best of BO3 Montage by Green - ► Red Green (PLEASE SUB HIM) Twitter - YouTube - ► Social Media My Twitter - My Twitch - ► Red Reserve Twitter - YouTube - Thumbnails by - Overlay made by - Song - Real Chill Old School Hip Hop Instrumentals Rap Beat #20 - Chuki Hip Hop


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