Clips that made me WTF

author Iuq   3 years ago

Damn, this took me 4 hours to finalize. Anyways, here is a list of my favourite clips of all time. I literally said, "What the Fuck" to all of these clips.

I use to find awesome montages until Youtube decided to get rid of the "Activity All" tab to see subscriptions likes. But, Youtube are fucking cunts and I hate them now. Probably won't even bother using Youtube anymore. Fuck Youtube. Peace

Been meaning to make one of these for a year or so, and only just got around to it. It was difficult to narrow it down to 100, but I eventually managed it. Personal opinions and stuff, a few sniper lobby clips, probably some modded clips.. I have no idea.

Thought I'd share some of my favorite clips from other players with you all, I know a lot of the people in this video and most of these clips are the first that came to mind when I thought of my "favorites". Anyways hope you all enjoy.

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