Clash Royale/Clash of Clans Live Stream ☺

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GOAL: 19/30 Sponsors (new Emoji!) LOOTS! : DONATIONS: IF YOU SUBSCRIBED and your name did NOT show, check your privacy settings on youtube, your subscriptions must NOT be set to private! Get Loot Crate NOW!: CHAT RULES: Don't be a dick Don't ask for stuff Respect the streamer AND the other viewers Be nice to the moderators Don't spam, Don't advertise Check out my Streaming and Gaming PC setup + all specs here: DRAFT ROYALE: Before ANYTHING, go to and create your account (use the same name you have in Clash Royale) If you win a seat in the Draft Royale, you must: 1- FIRST tell me your CR name in the chat THEN join my clan (JHC DRAFT). 2- Go to and log in, then find the JHC Gaming draft 3- Wait for the password (given in the CLAN chat) 4- The draft will start when all 8 players are connected, after that, build your deck and be ready when I call your match. Good luck! HOW TO REDEEM GIFT CARDS: FOR APPLE: 1. Settings 2. iTunes and App Store 3. Apple ID and view 4. Sign in with your pass 5. Make fake Canadian addresses and search on internet for some addresses because it need to be correct zip code and place 6. Change your location to Canada 7. Go to App Store 8. in the right corner click on profile picture and choose redeem gift card or code 9. Enter your code from gift card 10. Purchase your gift card and you are settle to go IMPORTANT: The best thing is to create a new account so you have 2 accounts one for gift cards and one regular so you do not need to call App service for cents to put on 0 because if you have cents left you can not change your location-then you will need to call apple support!

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