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An in-depth look at an average day at work for a high school cheerleader.

Check out my Patreon! (: (Activa subtitulos al español) ''...A thief dies after committing crime, but the story doesn't end there!...'' Its been a very long time since I released my last animation, sorry about that. Lots of thing happened that Im not gonna explain because Im lazy ppff, just lot of work! I also have some news. After month of May, I'll be animating more often for youtube! yeaah.. you will see me around a lot. heh. Also, this is my first original animation and Im quite proud of it!, I tried something different this time but doesnt mean I wont be making more parodies ;) Not my best script, but my best work. Thanks for being patience, I have more stuff coming soon, cya! Music Feet For Hands by JDawg00100 Death Grind Splatter Piss Shit by GoreBastard Alex H. ft. Nate-blahblah by mega-ultra-KH-fan Voice Actors Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi: Chris Niosi Edward Bosco Scott Frerichs Kimlinh Tran Liz Losey Anna Kingsley Jessi Nowack

[팜팜 pompom] Crayola Crayon 리얼 콜라 푸딩 젤리 만들기 만들기입니다 ㅎㅎ 팜팜~^^~~!!☆★☆★☆★ Thank you for watching the channel PomPom!!~~♡ 팜팜채널을 이용해주시는 모든 구독자분들 진심으로 감사드립니다 ~~♡ 좋아요~구독하기 꾹꾹♡ 팜팜~!!♡ ☆★ 팜팜 유튜브채널☆★ -

You've seen infomercials for all kinds of products before... stuff that cleans, stuff that makes food... but why hasn't there been something that can just do anything? If you ever wanted something like that, then this is for you! This was supposed to take a few weeks, but right when I was like half-done with it, a bunch of work came up that I had to do, and then it ultimately prolonged it by a very long time. So, like most of my stuff, you can see the quality get less-bad as the video goes. Oh well.

You can follow my twin girls' YouTube channel here! _ Watch another mermaid video from our family, HERE! Save a bunch of money and make your own Mermaid Tail for under $25 HERE! Contest prizes have been awarded, thanks to everyone who participated! _ Now that it is summer, I am trying my hardest to keep the kids entertained while not having them waste time playing video games or watching TV. Rylan, in pink, is my one child that has dreamt of being a princess or mermaid since she could barely talk. She begged for one of these mermaid tails for her birthday in March, and the other girls had since been playing with the fin so much that we had to get them each one of their own! We posted a single photo on IG a few weeks ago of Brooklyn in her mermaid tail, and our fans loved it so much... we decided to film this bonus video for you all! These are the most realistic mermaid suits I have ever seen, and I've seen lots of "Little Mermaid" plays and even fish-tank siren/mermaids in Las Vegas! I was surprised at how fast my girls picked up swimming in these fins, using the dolphin kick, and I loved how it gave them a core and leg workout without them knowing it! Kamri definitely picked it up fast! I love how Brooklyn and Bailey wanted to relax and "bask" in the sun, reading their books! I... just... couldn't... hold... it... back! Once they were wet, they joined right in! Sweet Pea and Daxton are still not total comfortable swimmers, so we settled with a "buoying" shark fin for Dax and an adorable mermaid suit only for Sweet Pea {without tail fins}. Can you tell they were having a blast? Feel free to tag any photos of you wearing a Mermaid Tail with: #CGHMermaids xoxo -Mindy _ We post a new hairstyle tutorial every Sunday night {7pm CST}! So, please don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel... Follow CGH on Facebook: Follow CGH on Twitter: Follow CGH on Pinterest, and see my "Try" board... Follow CGH on Instagram and see unpublished photos of our family: * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * FDA Disclaimer: CGH and Fin Fun teamed up to bring you this fun family-friendly Mermaid content to our viewers. * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * Music: Tropical Moments via License: Royalty Free License Agreement

Monsters and shootouts abound in this animated western comedy following an overconfident kid, his apathetic partner, and a spider-girl with some serious boundary issues. What will it take to save CliffSide from some rather unconventional evil in the surrounding cliffs, and will our hero ever actually learn anything? Episode 1 - "Pilot" Getting tangled up with an excitable spider-monster named Cordie who suffers from a validation complex to rival his own, Waylon quickly learns his bold gunslinger talk leads to horrifying actions when put into practice by his new super-fan. Now he’s got some explaining to do and a western standoff or two to perform if he hopes to scrape by without learning anything from this whole ordeal. CREDITS Creator/Director/Writer/Animator - Liam Vickers Score - Jesper Ankarfeldt Sound Supervisor/ADR Recordist - Bethany Sparks Sound Designer - Gavin Laing Sound Mixer - Hannah Kubat Additional BG Art - Chan Ha Kim CAST: Waylon - Liam Vickers Cordie - Joelle Jacoby Jo - Tess Rimmel Yannis - Carolyn DiLoreto Background Street Crosser - Gavin Laing Follow the Series: Website: Facebook: Follow my Work: Website: Tumblr: Instagram:


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