The Speed Factory presents: The Touge Union (Need For Speed 2015)

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The Speed Factory presents: The Touge Union (Need For Speed 2015)

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Today I can present you yet another car history video, which I have been working on for a week. After my pretty successful Supra video unfortunately not quite as many people were interested in the McLaren F1. This time we are back in Japan though with the fan favorite Mazda RX-7. Let's see if this car will excite people equally much as the Supra did. :) Do you remember in which of the 21 NFS games the RX-7 was featured? Test your knowledge about the Need for Speed series and find out by watching this video. Feel free to pause at the question marks if you want to ask yourself first before seeing the answer. Note that the timeline will only list the games that include the car, so watch the video first if you don't want to be spoiled. In each game that includes the car I have recorded one short race or event. As usual I have selected the clips very carefully and deliberately and for some of them I have recorded for multiple hours to get the runs as clean and interesting as possible. I tried to show a nice variety of gameplay, featuring racing, drifting, drag and a bit of police. I have also included the awesome car showcase from NFS 1 with some information about the car at the end. Timeline: 0:26 The Need for Speed SE (NFS 1) - Burnt Sierra Race Lap 3:10 NFS Underground - Lock Up Sprint Race with heavy traffic 5:48 NFS Underground 2 - Bayview Bridge Drag Race with heavy traffic 7:24 NFS Most Wanted - Little Italy Circuit Race with heavy traffic 9:21 NFS Carbon - Lincoln Boulevard Sprint Race with heavy traffic 11:59 NFS ProStreet - Tokyo Dockyard Drift Trial 13:25 NFS Undercover - Peak Ridge Loop Circuit Race with heavy traffic 15:30 NFS Shift - Ebisu Circuit 16 Car Race 18:01 NFS World - Chinatown Delivery Sprint Race with Drift King RX-7 21:12 NFS Shift 2 - Shanghai Circuit 16 Car Race 23:58 NFS The Run - Outrun Challenge Series Event (with Police) with Battle Machine RX-7 27:26 NFS 20 - Pulse Of The City Sprint Race with Fast And Furious RX-7 30:07 NFS Payback - The Drift King Drift Trial in a single unbroken combo 34:08 Summary - Which NFS games have a Mazda RX-7? 34:49 Bonus - TNFS SE Car Showcase 38:44 Bloopers The Mazda RX-7 is included in the same Need for Speed games as the Toyota Supra and also in NFS Payback, so overall it can be found in 13 of the 21 games. In Need for Speed Underground 1 it was actually the strongest car in the game in every mode except of drift, so it was used very much by the competitive players in that game. In Underground 2 it was still a decent drag car and in NFS Carbon it was used by the career mode character Kenji. In NFS ProStreet the RX-7 was one of the cover cars with its famous green Battle Machine livery, which returned in several later games as you can see in this video. In The Run there are several versions of the car, with some of them being part of the fastest tiers. However, there aren't very good challenges for those tiers, so I rather showed the tier 2 version here. In Payback the car was not available at release but it was later added as one of the abandoned cars that could be found on the map. Note that this is meant to be a positive video celebrating an awesome car that was included in a large number of NFS games. If you want to hate on certain games or complain about the car not being included in some, then do it elsewhere. This is the third car history video that I have personally uploaded and the 6th in total among the group of friends that I am doing these videos with. Make sure to watch all the other videos as well if you want to support this series and want to see more videos in it. So far the views that the videos got have varied a lot, in some cases going above 100k but in others not even reaching 10k. This is not really warranted because all of the videos took a lot of work and cover interesting cars. Here you can find the full playlist: The Skyline and Supra videos have done great but the others are lagging behind a bit, so I recommend having a look at those in particular to help them catch up a bit. :)

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